Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

A Tale Called Tull Part 13


The Sith Witch was a poor swordsman. Too many flourishes, too much wasted movement. Tull found her attacks simple to avoid. The Witch had less luck with Tull’s attacks. Lightsaber and vibroblade flashed between one another as Tull slowly pressed into the woman. Before long he would have the moment where he could finish the Witch.

The moment came at last, but as it did a blaster bolt fired through the woman’s heart and dropped her where she stood. People Bot had killed her. A clean kill none the less.

Tull has misjudged this one. It has a droid bot face, but a warrior’s soul.

Then Tull was upon the other troopers, and before long the battle was done.

- – -

The new friend was an interesting fellow. Tommy Tommy TK12349 seemed the kind of man who tried to stay out of trouble yet ended up falling into oceans of it. Tull liked him immediately. As the group of friends made quick plans and averted the approach of reinforcements Tull happened to notice a dead body at the front of the bridge.

The corpse was the owner of the ship. The slaver.

Tull is glad he is dead. This is not the way of the Jedi Wizards, but Tull feels so all the same.

People Bot was likewise enthused by its masters death.

It is free like Tull now. Tull has more in common with the little machine than Tull wishes to admit.

Eventually the group found themselves in front of the frozen sex slaves of the now dead slaver. Tull noticed a Twilek or two first, unsurprising given the lust they raised in many species, but one form stood out from the others to Tull, a female Barabel. She was small by Barabel standards, as most females tended to be larger than males (even Tull), but Tull would have almost a head on this one if she stood upright.

However small, she remained quite the beauty. Her scales were all the same bright green hue and her claws were as black as night. Her tail nubile and firm. Tull started to let off body heat as if he were standing in a blazing sun.

As attractive as the female was Tull’s mind couldn’t help but drift to darker thoughts of a female Barabel he had never known.

- – -

Tull’s egg father, Gim, smacked him into the dust and spit a hiss of displeasure. “Ancestors, you are weak boy. This one would say you must not be of his seed, but this one will not disrespect Shell in such a way.”

Tull’s other egg father, Shell, shook his head, “It is no disrespect to call a weakling weak Gim. He is either yours or this one’s, and he brings shame to us both either way. He is a walking doom after all.”

The daily beatings by his fathers had become routine for young Tull. When Barabel mated it involved two males and two females. Seed would be given by each male to each female. Barabel had one mother, as a mother knows which eggs are theirs, but they always had two fathers, for who can tell which male sired which child?

As the two males continued their beating of fists and words a great hiss came from Tull’s hut. It was his Grandmother. “You two will be off now, or you shall try and beat this one,” said the great matriarch. Though large for males even Gim and Shell would not risk the old matron in combat.

A smirk crossed their lips. “See you on the morrow boy,” said Gim.

“These ones will make you strong or we will make you dead boy,” said Shell, “your seed is strong, but your egg was poisoned.”

And like that they were gone until the morrow. Tull never knew what happened to them after the day he was taken many years later. He saw them battle the slavers, but the only family he saw fall that day was his Grandmother. Gim and Shell were survivors, but that meant little to the Galaxy.

Tull’s Grandmother picked him to his feet and took him to the hut. She cleaned his hurts and started to roast raw flesh over their fire pit. After what seemed years the young Barabel spoke, “Was mother truly poison? All say she was a witch. Is Tull…is Tull walking doom Grandmother?”

After some seconds she answered him, “Your mother was special Tull, but that made her different, and people hate that which is different. Your mother saw things yet to be. Sensed things no one else could. She had saved many lives with her sight, but the tribe hated her anyway. Only Shell and Gim were brave enough to mate her. You were her only egg, a poor showing for any female. But was she poison? No Tull. Are you walking doom? No Tull.”

“Then if she is not poison and Tull is not doom, why did she leave?” he asked.

Silence then. Long and unending. Just when Tull thought they would speak no more of the subject his Grandmother spoke. “She told this one she had to leave. She saw only death for us if she stayed. Death for you. She had to leave she said, so you could have a chance Tull. Your destiny is off this world she said, as was hers.”

The two never spoke of her again until the day Tull was taken. As he was being pulled down by the slavers and his grandmother lay dying in the dirt she called out to him. “Your mother Tull! She said to this one that. . .when you left. . .left home. . . this one must tell you something. . . it must be now. . . you can save him Tull. . .your brother. . .not a brother of egg but a brother of life. . .a brother of light. . .when all is black. . . you will shine. . .though you’ll die. . . many will live. . .she said you would understand. . .someday. . .”

- – -

Tull looked at the female. His Grandmother was long dead, yet perhaps family remained to him. A mother? Two fathers? A brother who only Tull could save. Tull’s fist tightened on his lightsaber.

When all is black, Tull will shine. You will not die Wizard. Your brother Tull swears it to the Force and all the gods that ever were.


Further entwined and do I sense another force user coming into an episode?

A Tale Called Tull Part 13

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