Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

A Tale Called Tull Part 16

Might of the Jedi

As the battle outside raged on Wizard was locked in deep concentration, “I have to go after those droids,” he finally said, “these witches are not to be underestimated, but. . .” he looked at the group of friends around him and he locked his eyes on Tull and Padawan Khalic. “Master Denya and Moppo are in danger and need help. I can’t go to them, but I know your strength, my padawans. You must go and help them. There are so few Jedi left, the death of even one would be a tragedy.”

Tull and Padawan Khalic agreed with no question and prepared to head for the two Jedi and the bridge crew with Tommy and People Bot. As they were about to leave Wizard grabbed Tull by the arm and spoke quietly to him, “Protect Khalic Tull. The force flows through him and the inquisitors will hunt him like rapid dogs. So much relies on so few Tull. Keep him safe, keep them all safe. You have no connection to the force my friend, but I think that may be your greatest strength against the dark side. Go my padawan, I have nothing but faith in you.” Tull simply nodded in assent.

Tull’s mind raced in a thousand directions yet his purpose was solidified. He was a Jedi, and he would act like one. Wizard trusted Tull, and Tull would not fail him.

As the small group exited out of a lift tube they came upon a column of storm troopers leading captured resurgence members. There were three of the Sith Inquisitors with them. Tull clenched his fists, “Leave the Sith Wizards to Tull.”

“Wait big fellah. I gots an idea to get us a bit closer,” came the sure voice of Tommy Tommy as he held out a pair of binder cuffs.

As the two strode down the hall the lights suddenly went out. Tull’s eyes adjusted to the darkness and he now saw in a thermal red. Looking over his shoulder Tull saw People Bot and Padawan Khalic tapping on a small computer column.

Good, darkness breeds fear.

As Tommy walked up to the troopers and declared he had captured a ‘fresh one’ Tull saw the Sith Wizards moving down the column. Tull heard whispers of: ‘Jedi’, ‘force sensitive’, and ‘near’. As the lead robed figure pushed through the line Tull nodded to Tommy. No one would harm Padawan Khalic with Tull there.

“Just Kidden!” Tommy yelled as he opened fire on all in the vicinity. Tull pulled the unlocked cuffs apart and all that could be seen in the darkness of the hallway was the four yellow blades of Tull’s custom Lightsaber Claws. His first use of them was to sink them deep into the shoulder of the Sith Wizard, knocking him to the ground.

Battle roared from there. Tull could see a side passage open down the hall as the monotone female voice of People Bot urged the resurgence pilots to escape. Most made it through before People Bot closed and sealed all of the doors on the level. The pilots were free and the troopers had no escape.

People Bot thinks of others first more and more these days. People Bot is just like Tull. Tull can not hate her for killing his egg father, how many fathers has Tull killed in the ring? What matters is not the past, but that People Bot is trying to do right now. Tull will teach her.

Before he knew it the entirety of the Storm Trooper squads were raising blasters at him. Tull did the only thing he could think of, he took a hostage. Slamming the Sith Wizard nearest him to the ground Tull threw his arm around the Sith’s throat, giving him enough to breath, but not to leave his grasp. “You will not shoot a friend!” Tull yelled putting the Sith in front of him, “You have not all fallen that far!”

“You will die you fool,” the Sith gasped in Tull’s grip.

“The dark side has failed you, only the light can save you,” Tull pleaded desperately.

“We will show you the true power of the dark side lizard fool!” came the call of the two free Sith.

Tull could feel the pull of the force on his body as he slowly rose in the air with his captive. Tull had felt it before on Almas in the Sith temples. It had been used on him much by the evil Sith Wizards. Tull knew the feeling well, and he also felt something else. It felt as if his scales were resisting the darkness. It was as if his natural armor which protected him from blasters and blades was now protecting him from the force itself.

Tull only made it six inches of the ground before with a great roar he slammed back onto the ground billowing the remains of the force around him. “No! The dark side has failed you. Now you will face the might of the Jedi!”

Tull picked the Sith he was holding up above his head and hurled him down the hall into the troopers. Just as Tull turned down the hall to take out the Sith leader a horrendous explosion rocked the area and Tull heard the deaths of many down the hall. Just as his blades were going to slay the final Sith the dark wizard was pulled away and thrown down an open support shaft. Padawan Khalic gave Tull a thumbs up. Tull nodded his thanks back.

Tull returned down the ruined hallway toward the final two storm troopers. Off to his left across a chasm Tull saw People Bot with a recently fired catapult. He nodded to her as well, causing her eye piece to turn a pinkish red color.

Can Droid Bots blush?

Tull stopped halfway down the hall and called down to the shaken men, “It doesn’t have to end in violence. Put down your weapons and give up. Tull swears you will be spared.”

The troopers simply readied their weapons to fire. Tull gave a great sigh.

The greatest lightsaber form is not having to use one at all. Someday Wizard, Tull will find a way to master that form. Someday, Tull will never have to draw a lightsaber in battle again.

Tull roared down the hall with claw sabers extended. The troopers died badly, but it was Tull who felt the pain.



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