Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Bariss Down Time Pt2

The plan’s working, we’re well hidden in the comet’s tail and now we have a better idea of the enemy’s plan. Three Chiss dreadnaughts are between an ice belt, protecting them from a direct assault, and a black hole, making sure that nothing the size of a capital ship could/would go past the ice belt, thus ensuring that all of us coming into this with the Spelljammer as the biggest vessel a good idea, as if we planned that far ahead. Tor and Kelyn think up a plan while commlink silence is broken by the other scoundrel negotiator, Baldr. Negotiation doesn’t seem bad for once Princess Leia is shown being tortured … it’s fake, has to be.
“That’s real,” Khalik adds after a quick check.
“Not vidshop,” adds Daze.
“Bring my daughter back, I don’t care how!” Senator Organa’s voice blares into my head.
Wakamancha Chiss! I’m too far away to get there fast enough to help with normal speed but a small jump will do, just outside the ice belt.

Deflecting another Chiss blaster cannon bolt into the last populated hangar destroyed the remaining Chiss starfighters in reserve, now only a few are left. The adrenaline’s practically gone and yeah these guys are efficient, it’s just that…all they have are numbers. Hm, wait wasn’t I here for something…someone…Princess Leia!

The trip back to Alderaan is nothing as expected, the princess is taking her new parts in stride, our prisoner is safe, even from me, and I’m repairing Tris from a rookie’s lucky shot on her. It’s also a bit confusing as to why Carson hands me a rubber glove to “scan” Admiral Thrawn, it’s as if he wants me to put my hand up his…is that security camera focusing on us?

Handing Princess Leia back to her father is going rather, well. Senator Organa is relieved that she seems mentally sound while Princess Leia shows off her new strength by damaging stone with no harm done to her. I’m surprised the senator is so calm about handling Thrawn, the man directly charged with harming our princess, in a peaceful manner. Looking upon Senator Organa I’m sure that he wouldn’t fall to using torture on anyone. Such is more of a reason to protect him, and others like him, from monsters like Thrawn and Draco.

Six months of being grounded while we wait for the galaxy to forget, at least a little, about our group. Baldr is in his element on Alderaan, he’s living in a politician’s world talking to anyone and everyone. Carson mostly stays near the palace or the Spelljammer’s medlab, he seems more recluse these days and I hear odd things from Tull about his behavior. Khalik I lose track of easily, as far as I know he’s somewhere in the Outer Rim creating a new Resurgence. I’m still waiting on a reply from him about possibly coming over and flying Tris or a new companion. Tull and Tor are in the mountains training like the monks they are. Daze is doing something somewhere not near me and I’m good with that. I do not see Tommy these days except when I train with the rebel commandos. Kelyn and his daughters I see every day, Kelyn and I share the notion that his daughters should know how to pilot everything from a speeder bike to a heavy freighter. I even suggested to Kelyn that he get them two Z-95’s soon so they can learn one on one how pilot starfighters as well as keep them maintained and even modify their spacecraft as they go forward and figure out their preferences. A Z-95 Headhunter is the perfect starter for any good pilot.

A few months in and Kelyn’s daughters are shaping up to be damn good pilots, they’ve got their act together enough to not need me. This works since I’ve finally gotten word back from Khalik that work on the new Resurgence has moved forward enough for me to travel out there, while I go to the shipyard and physically train new rebel pilots Kelyn and his family will train under Master Tor. I’m not one for the Force, but Mappo definitively used it to his advantage in becoming the pilot he is now. I don’t doubt that Kelyn will help guide his daughters down the same Force path.

I walk into the Spelljammer’s medlab and stand next to Carson as he’s bent over his desk on the other side of the room as I hold a familiar box of cybernetics.
“Hey Carson, I need you to put this in me.”
Carson looks up from his work, a quizzical look on his face. He stands up, taking the box and starts to rummage through the contents.
“What is this…”, he pulls out an external tube, “where did you get this?”
“From Exovar back when we had the time. I nearly died being force choked before on the Resurgence and would greatly appreciate you putting all this in me so I can’t be choked to death because some guy in black looks at me weird.”
“You don’t even know what this does do you?”
“It should prevent me from being force choked, and help out with breathing in a vacuum if I happen to not be wearing my helmet that day.”
“God Bariss, are you even thinking?”
“Hey! I could get this done in some hotel room by a random guy. I just prefer it done by you, but if you’re not willing.”
I go to take the box out of Carson’s hands. His grip tightens on it. We lock eyes, and have an understanding.

“Okay Bariss, the external wear can be taken off and put back on but be careful doing so. If you take if off or put it on wrong you’re going to notice in a bad way.”
“As long as I can and the internal stuff is working.”

0500: Wake up.
0530: Breakfast
0600: Train new recruits.
0900: Train intermediary recruits in front of new recruits.
1200: Lunch
1230: Calisthenics
1300: Train veteran recruits in front of intermediary and new recruits.
1500: Classes dismissed to maintenance and other classes. Train with commandos.
1800: Dinner
1830: Stretch off commando training.
1900: Maintenance of Tris, Happiness 2.0, weapons and gear.
2100: Read status of recruits in other classes, update my notes to teacher’s pool.
2300: Sleep

Six months are nearly done, and I’ve nearly trained all one hundred and ten of my students to the proper level needed for combat. All they need now is experience against the enemy, in bite size chunks so I don’t lose many of them, and they’ll be far superior to those pilots the empire puts in space. The new Resurgence is also about done, all that is left is her new name and a proper celebration carried about with everyone present. From what I hear Baldr, Carson, Tull, Tor, Kelyn, Tommy, and Daze are all coming to the naming ceremony.


Fascinating! Thanks for posting.

Bariss Down Time Pt2

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