Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Bariss Thoughts WTB


The chipper and aggravating voice comes over the PA, “Hey Bariss, how about you come on up and we can have a meet and greet.” and I can see his fierfek smile in my mind. The bastard and his seductress didn’t give a poodoo about those who worked for them, those other pilots died satisfying Shalia’s curiousity about me. Well, if he wants to meet me he’ll get me and my blaster! I run to the turbolift while bringing out my DT-12 and a concussion grenade.

As I exit the turbolift I see that the coward is behind a shield and anything less than a thermal won’t work, he just smiles and insinuates about fracking Cpt. Okeefe the gaggalak mursto! I can’t hit him but I’ll hit his first and then work on his damn altar to himself. My blaster is right at her head and of course he doesn’t care, but I’ll take pleasure in her and eventually his death. Carson slowly makes for my blaster hand, “Whoa Bariss! Calm down man, he’s just riling you up.”

It isn’t Carson’s words that stop me from pulling the trigger, it’s the look on his face. I’ve seen that look before, the worried look he had on when we survived Cad Bane, that hutt spawn. Though the look now is slightly different, as if he’s afraid of me. I don’t see why since all I’d have done would be killing something that sleemo wanted, maybe even cared for

like I care for my family

Why would I sink to Bane’s level, I’m better than that kung…aren’t I? Of course I’m better, I kill scum and the Imperials. I don’t blackmail like this politician does, I don’t corrupt others, I end the corruption…my head hurts, I need some air. The turbolift doesn’t work now though, at least the windows here show a nice view of a nearby park, serene.

There are children playing, only human though sigh why can’t we all have this? Fracking Imperials. They want their iron fist controlling everything, well I’ll control their air pipes with my iron fist! But the children shouldn’t see this, no this is a shadow war that should stay on some other field away from all other non-combatants, of all species.

Ugh! He’s talking again, SCHUTTA YOU DOPA-MASKEY STOOPA! Just fracking die…frack this.


Will get to Cad Bane’s eventually…sometime.

Bariss Thoughts WTB

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