Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Blacks Widow Kiss

Shalia stared at everybody in the bar, looking for something out of the ordinary. She knew that there was an Imperial that the team needed to take care of and she was going to find him.

Team. Now that was a word she hadn’t heard in a few years. Even though she and her boss had been working together for a few years, she mostly handled things by herself. It was easier that way especially when she wanted to use her charms on her victims.

The music blasted in the background and she finally found her target. He was standing up on one of the raised platforms playing sabaac. She looked towards the others in the bar and found that the target was being watched by others. Wonderful, she thought to herself, We’ve got Imperial agents besides. Well, time to bring the charm.

As she walked towards her victim, she thought back to earlier in the day and her piloting escapades. The other pilot was good but she was never going to admit it. Never show a man any sign of weakness because all they would do would take advantage of you. She had learned that the hard ways years ago… she had opened up her heart once… and in another bar on another planet she had to kill him…

It had been one of those days as she slipped into the bar on the Outer Rim planet of Talon. It had been a month she had come to the backwater planet at the behest of one of the younger crime lords who was running around in the Outer Rim. Of course, that month had found her finding a young Imperial man by the name of Agent Rockie who had been assigned fresh out of the Academy to the backwater dustbowl of a planet.

She nodded to the bartender and was pointed to one of the corner tables. The bartender, an overweight alien who had a tendency to regal the entire bar with tall tales of his exploits in whatever part of the galaxy he was interested in at the time. It didn’t matter to her as long as he served good drinks and they were relatively cheap.

She sat down and smiled at the waitress who deposited her usual drink in front of her. Thanking the droid, she looked around the room and frowned when her gaze fell upon a Rodian by the name of Khazam. The Rodian was also employed in the crime lord’s ranks but instead of doing something somewhat ‘legal’ like Shalia, he dealt with slaves and the trading of them.

Khazam frowned and walked over to her table and without asking sat down. “We have a problem… or more like it, you have a problem,” Khazam said.

“I’m not in the mood for your games,” she said taking a sip from her drink. “I would suggest leaving before I get an itchy trigger finger.”

“That wouldn’t be wise and both of us know that,” Khazam said. “Do you know who you are dating?”

Shalia frowned. “It’s none of your business who I am sleeping with you little turd,” she said. “So… now what are you going to say?”

“Your boyfriend is an Imperial Intelligence agent. Code name is Bullwinkle,” Khazam said as he stood up. “Up to you what you do with that. Consider this the first thing that you owe me.”

She sat there dumbstruck as the Rodian walked away and she didn’t realize that Rockie had walked in to the bar, found her and sat down across from her after kissing on her cheek.

“Hey,” Rockie said as the droid delivered him a drink.

Shalia didn’t realize she had one of her knives in her hand. She looked at Rockie and stabbed him in the heart. As the totally shocked Rockie slumped forward on the table with the knife still in his chest.

She stood up, looked at the bartender with almost lifeless eyes. As she walked out of the bar, she swore to herself that she would never let another person get inside of her heart…

Shalia came back to her senses just as the informant realized what she was doing.

Let’s have some fun…


Rockie and Bullwinkle! I haven’t seen that show in years.
Also love the fleshing out of her backstory.

Blacks Widow Kiss

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