Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Carson's Log Slums of Coruscant

As the LAAT lifted off from the hangar, Carson couldn’t help but feel that he was walking on eggshells. Though, to be more accurate, the eggshells were the broken trust of his comrades. Baldr was upset over losing a supposedly multi-million credit building. Not unexpectedly, 50,000 credits seemed to satiate him. Baldr didn’t seem to trust him, but then again Carson didn’t trust Baldr, so that seemed a fair deal. The credits meant nothing to Carson. They may as well have all been blood-soaked anyway. The ship slipped through the midday Coruscant air with ease. Carson looked over at Bariss, completely immersed in his piloting. He’d been alongside his Duros comrade for more battles than he could count and the skilled pilot had kept him alive at detriment to himself on numerous occasions. Carson looked out at the Corsucant skyline as they rocketed through it, heading towards the slums of Coruscant. Each of those building and ships in the distance was full of enemies. Enemies who at best, would report him to the Imperial Patrols in a heartbeat. What they didn’t need, was enemies among them. Carson turned back to his datapad, checking the latest scanner reports in case the Imperial military had caught wind of their movements. Carson was quite relieved to find Bariss against torturing prisoners as much as he was. It seemed he did have an ally still in that regard. Carson knew it might get difficult to ensure the prisoner’s were well treated by himself, but with Bariss around the task seemed a bit easier. He could only hope that he wasn’t reading the situation wrong. Bariss spoke over the intercom “Welcome to the beautiful slums of Coruscant, where all your illicit needs are met.” The ship landed amidst a dirt covered street, the thrusters kicking up massive clouds of dust that heralded their arrival. There was no time to debate but trust if they were going to save the ex- Incom engineer.

(Eh, I don’t think this was one of my best posts, but I got the point across. I may edit/rewrite it. I don’t know.)



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