Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Carson's Log The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The shuttle landed back in Baldr’s secret base. Sherlock lay bound and gagged on the floor as Carson made sure Platt was still alive. The poison had done it’s job, but she was doing fine. Baldr and Shalia were busy discussing what to do with their latest capture. “We can torture him for all the information he has.” Baldr said with a grin. Carson’s ears perked up at this. “Torture?” he said, with suprise, “Torture is a weapon of fools and brutes and I will not stoop to their level.” Baldr laughed. “We need information. How else do you expect us to get it?” “There are other ways. I know of other ways to loosen tongues that won’t cause them to be maimed or psychologically brutalized.” “Well, maybe we’ll consult you for advice later, doctor.” Baldr responded, quickly busying himself with some other problem that required his attention. Carson checked on Sherlock as he lay bound on the floor of a nearby prison cell. Carson made sure his bonds were tight enough, yet did not want them to cause any nerve damage as some of the earlier binder cuffs. He ran a quick set of vitals on the man and had everything check out. Carson caught the eyes of the detective and noted a look of fear. Carson did understand the need to extract information but was beginning to think the “enemy of my enemy” was still his enemy. Even some of his allies were becoming so close to the brutes that he’d hoped to stop. He returned to his bunk to try and catch some much needed sleep. Thinking on this too much was bound to drive him insane. He quickly dozed off and found himself back on one of the very first missions that the Resurgence had given him. Nemo’s chainsaw blade tore into his back, laying through his spine. His legs went numb as the industrial blade chewed through flesh, bone and sinew. The pain bit into him so intensely that Carson fell unconscious moments after it began. He came back to the world of pure agony minutes later only to see his own face staring back into his “We need the information, Imperial scum.”

Carson awoke in a cold sweat, panting. He’d just relived Naizon through the eyes of an Imperial guard that he had helped torture.
He began sobbing at this realization. “Even monsters have a chance at redemption.” Carson thought, in a brief moment of clarity. Carsons mind turned to the image of the investigators fearful eyes staring back at him.

(I might have some names of places wrong on here. Ah well."


“Even monsters have a chance at redemption”

Somewhere far away Tull looked into the stars and shared a moment he couldn’t understand, but felt none the less.


Heh, this next session is going to be awesome.


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