Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Dazed and Confused Part Five

My Cruel Fate

As we finally finished the first fight, I heard men yelling, but I did not know from were. I hacked into the computer’s system and finally seen it, the Rebels were getting ready to fight. It was bad enough that we just got out of one fight… now another? This is too much for one little droid to handle, but I must keep fighting!

So, doing what I do best, I started typing away. I could feel Darth Rosie shuffling around inside me. She has been a good comrade. Anyways, I locked all the doors that I possibly could to keep out the stormtroopers. Then I got over the intercom and told the men to do as I say, or they will die. And of course, being the wimps they are, they all peed their pants and cried to their mommies.

“Do I have to do EVERYTHING for the Rebels?” I yell over the intercom. I just was tired of fighting. Almost immediately, men started dying, and they failed to listen. I decided that I needed to get to a better computer to access more controls. I was able to separate troopers though, which was the only good thing about it. After that, I had to get down and dirty. As Khalik and Charley, the only rebel who’s name I knew, fought off about 20 troopers by themselves, Tull and all the other rebels were taking on the rest. I was giving orders, but the men were too stupid to move to where they needed to. PLUS, they were dying very fast. Khalik launched a grenade and so did I. We were able to kill all the troopers but one, and that’s were Darth Rosie became helpful, I was able to use her as a distraction so that I could shoot the Trooper. It was successful. And later on, we finished him off.

When we were down to troopers being spread out, I was finally able to lock all the troopers in with us. I knew they were going to die quickly. Poor Khalik though, he couldn’t hear anything because of something he did. So I came to the rescue. I pretended I was a cleaning droid and got Darth Rosie back inside me. I casually stroll into the room, almost right next to Khalik, and armed my catapult. The troopers seemed shocked by this. It was a frag grenade, attached to a knife. Finally, I launched it. Into the air the knife went flying, with almost cutting precision. Luckily, the knife impaled one of the troopers right in the heart. Killing them instantly. The grenade finished off the rest of them with ease. In the next room, the was a lone trooper trying to escape, Khalik shot him, which did not kill him, so I went up to him and hit him right where it hurt using my Power Prybar. And well, somehow… that killed him!

I disguised myself again, but this time as Darth Rosie’s personal petbot. Khalik opened the door and threw in a grenade, causing two of the Storm Troopers to take critical hits. The third one did not get hit by any of the shrapnel. I walked up to one of the troopers, and then suddenly, Darth Rosie was clawing at his face and even got through his armor! It was a very strange sight, and I was concerned for my cat’s safety. Suddenly, the trooper threw himself forward, right onto Darth Rosie… killing her.

People bot was not happy with his decision. “Leave him to me!” I yell to Tull and Khalik, “I will take revenge for Darth Rosie’s death!” And I felt something. Something telling me that to take pure revenge, I must kill the Emperor. Finally the two storm troopers are killed. And I stare at the only one that is still alive. I use my little hand to take out my knife, and I slowly move to the bleeding man on floor, and I almost tell myself not to, but I did it anyways. In one swift movement, I take my knife and plunged it into his heart, then pulling the knife towards his stomach.

Then I weeped.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion… and a bunch of astrodroids appear, but we swiftly realized that they are the one’s who cause the explosion and that they must be stopped before they destroy the whole ship, because I was the only one small enough, I took to the air vent. I followed them until I suddenly overheated…

I thought I still knew where they were going, and I suddenly found myself falling…


Recording in real time

I’m in a garbage compactor… Wait?! Why am I in a garbage compactor?! I look up just in time to see red lasers bar off what seem to be my only escape. Now I am scared. I start hearing the sounds of crunching metal and swiftly I realized that if I didn’t devise a plan soon, I am going to be crushed… I am not ready to because someone’s new microwave! I am already a toaster!! So I did the first thing that came to mind, SCREAM!!

I yell over the means of communication, but I felt like Tull was not listening, but I knew Khalik heard me. So I overrided Tull’s attempts and yell, “SAVE ME!!! PLEASE!! I AM ABOUT TO BE CRUSHED AND I HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING OUT.” And I panicked. I could not turn it off via computer because of the LACK OF ONE. I would not be able to do it manually either.

As the machine was only inches away from crushing me, I came up with one more idea. I manage to find the frequency that cleaning droids were using and sent out a frantic S.O.S.

Khalik was trying to save me.. but all he was hearing was my increasing screams and crushing metal… That is all that anyone could hear, and as I felt my metal being crushed, all I could do was panic and hope that someone heard me. As I look at the caving in walls and lasers about to cut into me, I just thought about everything wrong that I ever ever done, and I realized something. I deserved this kind of death, the slow and painful, dreading death. Where you know that no matter what you think to do will help, will only kill you. I was accepting of this, and if I surv-

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