Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Dazed and Confused Part Four

Doing Something Right

Internal Log: Entry 3?

I stopped caring about keeping my files up to date. I have been able to think a lot more, and saving every thought would make me require external memory or something.

A lot has happened since I last decided to make an entry. There was a war, Tommy Tommy pushed Darth Vader off of our ship. I mean, there is a lot going on. I really have not felt an interest in logging any of that though.

There was a moment though, where I was almost crushed by a ship. I lost a little bit of oil there, and I think from now on, I’m going to count how many times I’ve oiled myself.

Selfoiled: |||

I also learned that there is a droid body that looks exactly like a humans, and I want that so much. I would love to have hair to brush, and eyes, and a face. I admire the look of humans so much, and I aspire to be one. I know I could never truly become one, but that would be good enough for me. I would not be able to hide as a lamp anymore though.

I learned that there once was a droid, that was a crime lord. I was given his head, and I am still debating on downloading his memory so that I can use the data for future use.

I was granted permission to keep his cat, Darth Rosie, and I am so fond of it, that I keep it in my stomach. She is very cool, but I am scared of her being harmed in combat. I wonder what her fur feels like.

Well then. I am going to carry on now.

We were at a location that, at the moment, I am forgetting. I will probably remember it later on. But there were many storm troopers. There were holding friendlies hostage, and I was not okay with that. Tull and Tommy Tommy had come up with an awesome, idea, but I felt like something else should be added to it. So what do I do? I got straight to the computer! I turned out the light, which was phase one. That allowed Tommy Tommy and Tull the distraction that they needed. Next, I locked all the doors, making it so that no one would be able to leave that little hallway unless they ran to us, or to the rather unpleasant drop of doom.

Suddenly I hear Tommy Tommy yell, and the roar of Tull as the cuffs dropped to the ground. That was my chance! With all the commotion, I opened the door nearest to the captives, and hacked into the mainframe, which allowed me to yell at the to go! The second everyone was in, I closed the doors and relocked them, and luckily, only one of them died.

Next, an idea came to mind, and Khalik added in another suggest, which made the idea almost perfect. As I decode and program, I notice on the cameras that Tull has taken someone hostage. I find that very odd for a light user to do something like that, but I am assuming that the move is okay since it is a darkside user… right?

As I look at the map, I realize that there are ships that the freed rebels can escape on, and I tell them to get to those and escape. I am shocked that the people were so willing to listen to mem especially since I am a droid.

Finally, I am able to cause a magnetic pull from the drop of doom, everyone in the hallway slowly moves towards the planned area, but try to move away, and some succeed. Using my magnetic feet, I stand on the bridge that is above the pit of doom. All that is heard is my cat, purring in my stomach, and the activation of the thermal detonator that is in my catapult. I aim cautiously, I do not have any desire to harm Tull or Tommy, and then I FIRE! The sound of the beeping speeds up and then BANG! Everyone except for… three people I believe, are killed. It was a very victorious moment. Well, now I must continue fighting.

Grekorenthdora Beshyirtesk!

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