Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Dazed and Confused Part Three

The Little Droid That Could

Internal Log: Entry 2

We learned that the woman’s name was Irene Spalko, class: Human, and she was with a group of Space Troopers, also Human, there to protect her. They were sent to the ship in search of a Darkside Staff. The staff allows the holder to control where a soul of a being is to be placed and kept. It is VERY evil. A feeling that I am unfortunately use to. It sickens me.

Kelyn, who I discovered is also a pilot, was able to stream the ship’s security cameras onto his datapad. This allowed him to view Irene Spalko and her troops.

As we neared the door that separated us from a smaller room, I was given a weapon, a blaster pistol. A weapon I can actually use with accuracy. First though, Khalik had to attach it to me, which he did with success.

As we saw a storm trooper enter into a smaller room, we devised a plan. A distraction was needed and I was the one chosen. I was scared.

“Can you act?!” Asked Kelyn, “Can you pretend to be a normal cleaning droid!?”

And that is exactly what I did. As everyone hid out of view, I used my talent in deception to be a cleaning droid. As I entered into the room, the Space Trooper seemed slightly confused. I used his confusion to my advantage and hit him right in the groin. It is not my fault that I am that short! This was the cue for all other companions to swarm in. Enemy one was killed in no time.

Next, were the enemies hiding, after the next door. Tor, Kelyn, and Tull decided to attack them. Tor entered in the door, and at once, ALL of the Space Troopers blasted him all at once… AND HE SURVIVED. I do not know how, but he did. I felt the emotion awestruck, for the first time.

After that, I went into hiding… as a lamp. All I did, was place a lamp shade on my head. Suddenly, there was a gun shot. It was from another Space Trooper from a different entrance. He shot at Khalik. Now, it is my duty to protect him. As he causally talked into his communicator about “the really nice lamp that he’d like to take home” and “the boy”, I revealed that I was not a lamp, BUT A DROID! I then released a frag grenade at him, but it did not cause as much damage as I hoping it would.

Suddenly, I see Tor concentrating and then BAM! The Space Trooper, who’s name is Tommy, suddenly became an ally.

Now that that situation had been dodged, I turned my attention to Spalko. I aimed for her, shot and her arm received a high amount of damage, rendering it useless. I watched as my friend were being beaten on by other Space Troopers, Tull using his light saber and punching. Kelyn shooting. Tor used the force and slammed all of the Storm Troopers into each other. It was fascinating to watch. And when I gained the courage to again shoot Irene, I took my chance. It all happened so fast, but I killed her!

I tried helping out with the others, but the rest of the group had it under control.

When all was finished, We entered into the zoo… such horrible memories of this place. What my master had done… and then finally…

Tull showed me the only thing I wanted to know.

Whether or not my master was dead. He was. I felt a huge weight being lifted from my thoughts. Would this feeling be relief? My light glows white when this feeling occurs.

If only I could tell Tull what I and Khalic know…

Why did Khalic not tell him? I feel frustration and anxiety.
There are some things better left unsaid I suppose, but fear has a grasp on me that I can not hide forever.

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