Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Do No Harm

The group stood around the defenseless Rodian. “We don’t need you alive then.” Bariss added. Carson’s mind shot back to his years in medical school, where it was drilled into him. The professor made sure to state that the goal of the Physician was the betterment of humanity, or in his case, the betterment of all sentient creatures, as a variety of aliens populated the class. He remembered adding the words to his notes, something about them resonated to him. He’d formulated his whole philosophy towards medicine around these words and thinking back to some of the events this group had participated in, he had moved away from his noble intentions to some degree. As Carson came back from memory lane, he heard Silas add “I owe Black Sun a lot of money. I borrowed it to enter this tournament. These people have no patience. Once I win, I’ll get my daughter back. Doing anything else will just get my daughter killed.” Bariss readied his blaster, aiming to end Patches existence. ‘I can’t rightfully sit by and watch a defenseless man get killed.’ Carson thought ‘This can’t end well if we kill him and it will just result in needless bloodshed.’ He knew the universe had seen enough of that. “We’re going to kill an unarmed man?” he asked. “Won’t that send a message to Black Sun that will get this guy’s daughter killed?” The group seemed convinced that the only solution was to kill the man. His mind moved on to the panic room in the Baron’s penthouse. “We could stash him at the penthouse, in the panic room.” The group agreed, and they set out to get him back to the hotel. Carson wondered if Patches was even aware that he had saved his life, even if it was for his sense of responsibility. He felt secure in his decision, and the universe strangely seemed a little less chaotic, as orderly as it can seem when you are being sought by the far-reaching hands of the empire and a Hutt crime lord. But the work was from over for them, Carson knew that much.



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