Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Malpractice Made Right

After Carson’s blunder in the engine room, Carson was beginning to wonder if they were going to make it out of this place alive. Cad Baine stood to greet them as they entered the brig. Carson looked around at his companions. Platt didn’t seem to know exactly how to handle the situation, but she was taking it all in stride. Bariss was engulfed in his usual ball of fire, and it seemed even stronger than usual. Carson noticed quickly that Serona, as well as Bariss family were trapped in cages at the front of the room, Cad Baine grinned as he touched the control panel strapped to his wrist, eliciting screams of agony from his victims. Bariss let loose a string of expletives, ready to eviscerate the bounty hunter with his bare hands if need be. Carson couldn’t blame him. Hell, Bariss was one of the few people left with a family to fight for in the group. The doors behind Carson slid open, and Carson turned to lock eyes with Aurra Sing. He should have expected a trap such as this and was sure Bariss would let Carson know he shouldn’t have been left alive. “What’s the point of avoiding bloodshed if it just brings further harm?”, Carson thought. Aurra Sing opened fire with her blaster as Cad Baine opened fire on Bariss, taunting him with the pain of his family. Carson managed to dodge the barrage and trained his darter on Aurra. “I’m going to give you one chance to stand down. Put your weapon down” Carson thought of all the jedi and rebellion supporters who had fallen to her hands. Carson had loaded his darts with Trihexalon during some of the downtime, expecting to use it as a last resort. He knew full well the effects of the poison.

His finger feathered the trigger.


A jet of air propelled the dart to its target and Carson’s aim was true. The dart hit her right in the neck, quickly entering her bloodstream. Her body was nearly instantly wracked with the poisons deadly, necrotic effects. Amazingly, she stood and attempted to make a few more shots at Carson before falling before him.

“Dammit, I can’t do this to someone, what the hell was I thinking?” Carson asked himself as he ran over to her. The poison had already begun running its course, and Aurra’s body was already succumbing. Once normal looking skin now appeared blackened and decrepit and her face contorted, awash with the pain of having your entire body being eaten alive from the inside. Instinctively, Carson put all of his emotions on hold as he tended to his patient. Tunnel vision set in, and he deftly began treating her wounds as best as he could. Amazingly, while she didn’t look better, she wasn’t rapidly dying. She’d need better care in mere minutes or she would perish.

Fenn and Bariss’ voices broke into Carson’s head. Bariss had taken quite a few hits and was in dire need of medical attention. Carson was now torn between assisting his allies and a tortured enemy. “Fenn, how’s Bariss?” Carson snapped. The Bothan quickly replied “Not good.” Carson swore under his breath. “Patch him up for me.I’ve got something to take care of over here.”

He continued to work on Aurra’s broken body, hoping this wasn’t all in vain. Carson vowed to destroy the Trihexalon after this. There was no need for anyone to have to experience such suffering, Carson was sure. He wondered how Kelyn, Tor and the others fared on Almaas. He quickly shook it off. “There’s work to be done. These people need your skills or they will not survive.” he recited mentally to himself as he set in to work on Aurra once more, glad to see she hadn’t fallen any farther away from life.


Interesting little post. I like how immediately after shooting it Carson is like, “I screwed up big on this one.”

I like how you are keeping him more to the pacifist side. Everyone will slip up now and then at first.

Malpractice Made Right


If Aura comes back again, I think Carson will definitely be confused on whether or not to use lethal force. It’s kind of a question of how evil does someone have to be before you just kill them because they will never redeem themselves.

I figure with the general bent towards violence, the pacifism if anything, keeps things interesting. It’s really been interesting to play, especially with the full party. Having to convince Rama not to club the stormtrooper with his own leg can be pretty tough. I haven’t really had Carson try and stop the others from killing at all, mainly because I’d kind of feel like a prick.

I have to say, Carson has come a long way since the beginning of the game. Kind of wish he, ya know, had a last name or something. I never wrote that into the backstory. lol

Malpractice Made Right

You could always make it Mann, which means Tull actually called someone by the correct name for once lol. Just Kidding of course :-)

Malpractice Made Right

As far as the “killing someone cause they’ll never be redeemed” thing, you could be like Batman. Batman will never kill the Joker even though the Joker ALWAYS comes back and kills a bunch of people again and again but Batman never ends it.

Malpractice Made Right

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