Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 14

This was truly an epic session with absolutely fantastic stuff from everyone. Great session everybody!

Darga’s booming laugh rang out, clearly audible even over the noise of the engine gears below and the battles raging throughout the ship.

“And I was the one who had the influence to send the Empire to attack your world.”

Tor, who had been letting his pain and hate fuel his power all day, felt an anger that was so powerful that it was tangible. His faced twisted into a terrible mask of pure hate. Tor extended his hands and a fierce electricity burst forth from them crossing the distance to Darga in an instant, crackling across his body, burning his flesh and causing the massive Hutt to bellow with pain. Tor’s face contorted even further as he cried out, cursing the monstrous gangster. The lightning flowed from Tor’s fingers and he knew that he was about to kill the creature. Tor pulled back, wanting to preserve the crime lord’s pain and suffering. The lightning ceased, and Darga wheezed weakly, slime oozing from his mouth and various burned patches on his skin.

“Why did you set the Empire on my people?” Tor snarled.

“You were a threat,” the Hutt retorted, still managing to let out another deep laugh. “I knew it would provoke you. That it would cause you to let yourself fall and perform acts that were very…un-Jedi like.” He laughed again. “You are a failure.”

The Hutt raised a shield around himself and drew an odd blaster, seeming to regain some of his breath but still clearly weakened.

“You are a fool if you think that will protect you,” Tor snapped. The ship lurched violently, the sound of metal screeching against itself becoming louder. Tor reached out with the Force, targeting Darga’s mind. “Tell me everything you know about what the Empire did to my planet and what is happening with the deal between the two of you or you will die painfully.”

“The slaves are a risk now, the Empire will dispose of them. As for your planet, they were looking for targets and I supplied them with one.” He let out another laugh as the ship lurched again. “None of that matters though. We will all die here.”

Tor lashed out with his anger again, forcing his way into Darga’s mind. He pulled up the memnii that he could never forget, his people being slaughtered, and pushed it into Darga’s head as forcefully as he could. The Hutt screamed and recoiled as visions of the attack flashed in his head.

The ship rocked from a huge explosion on the above deck. The sounds coming from the ship were near overpowering now.

This ends now, Tor thought as he watched the Hutt reel from the memories being poured into his mind. Tor reached out through the Force, and splintered Darga’s evil mind. The Hutt howled in agony as more of Tor’s memnii pulsed through his head, caamas, the purge of the Jedi all flowed into his mind. The Hutt’s repulsor sled tipped, carrying the now lifeless body down into the gears of the ship, causing them to explode and tear holes through the hull. Tor looked on with a grim but incomplete look of satisfaction.

He suddenly heard the cries of the gungan children who had been cast into the gears of the ship, having been so caught up in his fury that he had barely registered the collapse of the holding tank. As he listened to their cries for help, a harsh vision of caamasi children lying dead on his homeworld pierced his mind.

I must help them! Tor thought, turning to look down at them as the ship tore itself apart, whole sections threatening to break away. His friends turned, running to seek an escape from the doomed vessel. Tor reached out to the small creatures, attempting to grab them with the Force. However, his anger and use of the dark side so much in such a short time caught up with him and betrayed him, causing his head to swim and making him fall down into the gears with the two surviving children.

Tor felt the ship split, deep gashes ripped in the sides. His friends made for an improvised exit as Tor picked himself up from the ground. His comlink crackled to life and Kelyn’s voice came through. “Tor, are you alright? Do you need help?”

Tor looked at the two gungans now crowded around him. I won’t leave them, Tor thought as he looked at their innocent faces. “You go,” Tor spoke into the comlink, feeling gratitude at his friend’s concern. “I’ve got this. I’ll be there.” Tor glanced around grimly at the crumbling ship as he felt his allies leap to safety, hoping that he would manage to see his friends again.

Tor grabbed the children in his arms and gathered the Force to him and leaped up to the bridge. As he jumped, the wetness left over from the gungans stay in the water tank made Tor’s grip slip perilously. The children began to fall from his arms back towards the gears. “NO!” Tor yelled both aloud and in his head. He gathered every ounce of will he could, knowing that he could not and would not let the children fall. By some power that was more than his own, Tor’s hands found the gungan children again and clasped on as he crested the bridge and his feet found floor again. He raced through the ship and found the gap his friends had escaped through. Tor jumped again as the ship tore itself apart and fell through the clouds towards the planets center.

His feet met the ground of the hangar next to his allies. He set the gungan children down and looked up, straight into the barrels of blaster rifles held by a group of stormtroopers. Tor protectively pushed the children behind him, standing defensively next to his friends and allies, ready to meet the next challenge with them by his side.



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