Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 2

Tor basked in the Force emmanating from the village. It was raw and unfiltered, a result of a lack of focus and proper training, with a wild streak that spoke of immense potential.

The Force is strong with these people, Tor thought as the group approached the village center. I must make an effort to learn their understanding of the Force. It will further my process on the Holocron and perhaps I can even use it against the tyranny of the Emperor.

Tor briefly closed his eyes and opened himself to the guidance of the Force. The power of the village swirled around him but what surprised him most was the feeling of the light side in the people there. These are good beings, Tor thought. A bit unpredictable but there is good in them. I feel that it is ok to share my knowledge with them. The Force will guide me.

Tor opened his eyes and found his gaze drawn to what was clearly the village leader. He began to walk with several of the others towards the leader and felt the Force guiding his steps.

As he walked, he mused, This is but the first step on a great journey…



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