Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 45

The Defiance blasted away from the derelict ship, back into the asteroid field, Tor sitting in one of the ion turrets as the sensors blared at the presence of Imperial fighters coming their way.

Tor sat uneasy as he watched rocks of all sizes go soaring by as Kelyn pushed the ship through the field. An impact shuddered the ship and Tor could hear various sparks and groans echo through the bulkhead, as well as Tommy yelling about something.

Tor’s only consolation was that the enemy ships weren’t faring any better at weaving their way through the asteroids. The Defiance was soon out of the asteroids and entered hyperspace, course set to return to Exovar’s.

During the flight, Khalic approached the camaasi and told him of some disturbing visions he’d been having.

“I’ve been seeing the female zabrak jedi in the corridors,” the young padawan told him. “It’s getting worse, more intense.”

Tor considered for a moment. “This is something we have to pursue,” Tor said. “The Force is guiding you to this, and it’s something you’re meant to explore. We’ll talk with the others. Once we leave Exovar’s and get that droid looked at, we’ll make our way back to Felucia, and see what the Force has in store for us.”

Some time later the ship emerged from hyperspace, preparing to descend towards Exovar’s. A lone ship rose from the planet, angling towards them as their com. activated. A fearsome Mandalorian helmet appeared on the screen before them, speaking with a modulated voice.

“I am Boba Fett, and I am here to collect the bounties on you. Surrender yourselves and your ship now.”

Kelyn reared back, incredulity showing clearly on his face. “Boba Fett? Boba Fett? That’s not like Jango Fett is it? You know the one who,” he grabbed at Tommy’s stormtrooper helmet and proceeded to vulgarly depict Jango’s death, mocking Boba at every step.

Tor reached over and turned off the communication. “What are you doing?” Tor asked incredibly. “You’re going to torture a man over a childhood tragedy? What if one of our enemies did the same to you, Kelyn, using your daughters against you like that? There’s no honor and no need for that.”

Kelyn gave Tor a look of disgust and turned back to his consoles as Boba Fett began to open fire on them. These past few days have seen such darkness from him, Tor thought as his friends returned fire, turning the bounty hunter away. I don’t want to see him fall down that path, not now when we have more solid leads on his children, but each day seems to bring some new torment and darkness from him. His children could bring him back to the light but I have to help him make it that far first.

Tor watched as Boba Fett fled back towards the planet and the Defiance did the same, angling towards Exovar’s. He hoped they would be on their way again soon, off to face the next trials on their way to defeating the Empire.



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