Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 47

The swoop bucked under Tor as blaster fire rained through the air around him. The drop pods poured troopers out and Tor and Tull were dealing with them while the others tore through the squads behind them. As Tor spun the swoop, he saw his zabrak padawan take down a TIE figter with a well placed grenade.

He’s letting the Force guide him, Tor thought with pride.

After the battle, the chief’s son led them through the jungle to a spot that was strong in the Force, teeming with life and history. A massive pit was sunk into the ground ahead, massive tentacles slowly unfurling from it. Tor could sense its mass, its deep history.

Khalic turned towards it, the Force clearly pulling him towards the immense maw of the beast. Tor steered them towards some ruins nearby. “Not yet, padawan,” he said to Khalic as they landed. “The time will come soon.”

The group dismounted and approached the largest of the ruins. Tor sensed it right before it hit them, a ripple in the Force. It crashed into the group and all but Tor was knocked to the ground. He raced forward as the others picked themselves up.

Tor turned the corner into the ruins and came face to face with the last thing he expected to find.

“Master Shaak Ti.”

“Leave this place, or I’ll strike you down!” the Togruta snarled at im.

Tor raised his hands as Tull and Khalic rounded the corner. “We aren’t here to harm you. The Force brought me and my padawans here.”

She growled and attacked Tull verbally and physically, raising her lightsaber toward him as she accused him of besmirching the Jedi with his study of their ways. Tull turned her blade aside before discarding his own, reciting the Jedi stance on peace to retaliate.

The exiled Jedi slowly relented and agreed to keep the massive sarlacc at bay while Tor and Khalic descended into its depths. At the bottom, Khalic waded through the remains of innumerable meals as the Force guided him to his mothers bones, still wrapped in a tattered cloak. He paused for a moment before gathering them up. Tor put a hand on his apprentice’s shoulder as they grasped the rope N3M0 had lowered for them.

As they rose, they began to hear some commotion from the others and when they reached the top, Tor saw why. “Rancors!” Khalic exclaimed.

The group fell back towards the ruins, Tor using the Force to keep the monsters back, Tull a short distance away, swinging a lightwhip and shouting in his native tongue, pushing some others back.

After several moments of fierce fighting, the surviving rancors retreated back into the jungle as the group caught their breath.

We’ll be out of the jungle soon enough, Tor thought as is eyes moved skyward. And the sooner the better, we have enough troubles to worry about without having to throw giant rancors into the mix.


And then Tull clasps Tor on the shoulder and says “Wizard, our little jedi is grown.”

Haha, nice log though.

Reflections from Tor part 47

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