Bariss Gigrig

Duros pilot


Bariss is 6 feet tall and a young adult of 15 years of age, with light green skin, and also the Duros’ natural baldness and red eyes with a permanent look of distrust. He wears common clothing with a DT-12 heavy blaster pistol strapped on his side, grenades in his belt pockets, and a stovepipe hat that fits snuggly down to his brow. While he might be easily mistaken for a random alien off the street with a questionable sense of fashion, Bariss is actually an Ace Pilot.

Updated from 8/3/13 session.

Medium Duros Pilot lvl 20; Scoundrel lvl 11, Scout lvl 1, Ace Pilot lvl 8
Exp: 15,541 over lvl 20
Destiny: 1 Force: 16 (6) Darkside: 5
Languages: Basic, Binary, Bothese, Durese, Huttese
Defenses: Reflex 42 (flat-footed 35), Fortitude 33, Will 35
HP 97; Threshold 33
Speed: 6
Initiative: 22
Perception: 18
B.A.B.: 16
Grapple: 16

Attack Options:
DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Mandalorian enhanced – reroll 1’s once/encounter)
Frag Grenade x0
Stun Grenade x0
Thermal Detonator x0
Gas Grenade x0
Concussion Grenage x13
Commando Sniper Rifle
Cad Bane Weapons: LL-30 (x2), Wrist Rocket Launcher, Wrist Stunner, Wrist Flame Thrower, Gas (alien tail venom)

Point Blank Shot
Skill Focus (Pilot, Deception)
Starship Tactics x5
(Darklighter Spin [x4], Skim the Surface 2, Ackbar [Vander] Slash [x4], Segnor’s Loop[x4], Snap Roll [x3], I Have You Now, Evasive Action, Counter)
Vehicular Combat
Weapon Proficiency (pistols, simple weapons, rifles)
Precise Shot
Improved Defenses
Vehicle Dodge +4
Dual Weapon Mastery 1
Dual Weapon Mastery 2

Fool’s Luck
Lucky Shot
Starship Raider
Vehicle Focus – Starships
(take 10 for pilot and +2 att.)
Avert Disaster
Labyrinthine Mind
Expert Gunner
(Birthday Ace Pilot Talent: Vehicular Evasion)

Rescue Destiny: Fulfilled
Education Destiny: On-going

Experience Buy:
Feat – Epic Skill (Pilot)
Destiny Point
Talent – Uncanny Luck
Force Point Renewal
Destiny Point
Talent – Fortune’s Favor
Destiny Point
Feat – Accelerated Strike
Talent – Better Lucky Than Dead

Stovepipe Top Hat, Cad Bane’s Hat, & Sherlock Holmes’ Hat
Butler’s suit and Hat
Encrypted Comlink x2
Medpacks x2 (+1HP and lvl, after DC15)
Energy Cells x2
-Canisters x3 (3 days each)
Utility Belt
Surveillance Tracker x3
Bounty Hunter License

Str: 10
Dex: 23
Con: 12
Int: 16
Wis: 16
Cha: 10


Born on the planet Duro, Bariss was raised by a loving although a bit odd family, and was trained to have more options than just being a pilot. However, his home life was disturbed when some of his family members, being politicians, noticed a change in the play-out with things going towards more human relations and less alien in more than just the visual fields. Being Duros, Bariss’ family decided to make Bariss a pilot, they knew that Bariss had a knack for flying, it’s in his blood. That coupled with not knowing what may happen, Bariss’ father apprenticed Bariss several years before Bariss’ home training was complete, onto the Banshee, under Cpt. Sirona O’Keefe an old “friend”. Bariss even with his youth’s mentality realized that he was being sent away from his family for his safety. He has never forgotten the measures that his family undertook to make sure of that. That he was prepared to take care of himself, and for him to not be limited to a planet, which his family originally had visions of him doing. Bariss made up his mind that if the day came he would use his abilities, and perhaps his own ship, to rescue his family from the same threat that they made sure he would be ready against.
After two and a half years of working for O’Keefe Bariss has a great pilot’s respect for his captain and her main political associate, Senator Organa. He knows that they are against the elements that threaten his family. Bariss is loyal to his family, his captain, and to Senator Organa, and will work efficiently towards their goals.
Recently Bariss is feeling more alone in that he is no longer with his family or Cpt. O’Keefe. Even with Keyln telling Tor more than once that group Bariss finds himself in is now a family, Bariss is not sure if he feels a family connection with the others. Though he does feel a strong tie between them and himself, he is uncertain about adding others to his family. It didn’t help that Cpt. O’Keefe left without a word, Bariss has a feeling of being thrown away like a useless tool, almost as if Cpt. O’Keefe left him on purpose. As a side effect Bariss takes his piloting as very important.

Due to his working with O’Keefe, Bariss has a great knowledge for military tactics of practically every sort. The bulk if not all of Bariss’ actions are tactically oriented and are at least meant to be efficient for the goal at hand/in the future.

1. He loved flying with Fullua, misses Inris while he’s at the core and he feels especially bad about Mezerel. He doesn’t care for piloting droids. Bariss has also recently warmed up to the idea of hats, especially if the hat once belonged to an Imperial agent or the imfamous Cad Bane.

2. He hates anyone who endangers those precious to him, i.e. Empire (and mostly everyone in it). Now that Platt is safe from Bu’cho and the rest of his family from Cad Bane and since Inquisitor Draco will be dealt with by the rest of the group Bariss is cruising. Or at least he was, more and more Bariss’ hatred comes out with ease and he has no control. The recent near shoot-out with Shalia to get to Baldr has Bariss wondering what is becoming of himself.
He also hates it when a rival pilot is killed by someone other than him.

3. He was working with the group because O’Keefe believed it a good idea, she has her many reasons, and Bariss knows several of them will be helpful if he needs to make sure of his abilities to rescue his family.
Recently Bariss has found himself swept up in the resistance camp of Senator Organa, he knows that the only way to continue is forward with the others, with people he more and more sees as a banded together family.

Bariss Gigrig

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