Healer and Diplomat without a home


Carson has a rather average looking appearance. He stands at about 5’6", with a lighter complexion as he spent much of his time in recent years in senate chambers and conference rooms on Castell. He always made tried to make the best impression through appearance, wearing the best suit he could afford. After he was exiled from his planet, he simply began wearing an old mechanics jumpsuit that he had found as he searched for a way to get revenge on those that stole his planet from him. If you’re going to business in low places, you may as well look the part.


Carson was born on Castell, an industrial planet that sat on a lucrative trade route. He grew up as the Commerce Guild had begun to buy the planet out of a depression. He saw first-hand how the Commerce Guild cared for his fellow Castellians and vowed to make a difference against it. He took a liking to medicine and the life sciences during his schooling, and was a physician by the time he turned 25. He graciously accepted a job to work on local health-care policy. He had several influential policies put in place after only 5 years or so. As he went off to a conference on building health-care policy for multi-species populations, a group of Bothans, members of the legendary Bothan spynet and funded by the galactic empire, initiated a smear campaign against him on homeworld. A friend of his informed him of this treachery, urging him not to come back until it had cleared, considering a warrant had been placed for his arrest. Left without a home and livelihood, he took to the galaxy to bring his revenge down on the Empire.


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