R2-Series Astromech Droid


Small Droid (2nd Degree)
HP: 7
Threshold: 8

Protocol-Format Statistics Block:
Move: (1 swift, 2/turn) 6 squares (wheeled), 4 squares (walking), 9 squares (flying).

Copilot: (1 swift, 1/turn) aids pilot check, improving check by +2.

Improve Access: (2 swift, 1/turn) droid makes Use Computer Check against target computer’s Will Defense to improve its attitude towards droid.

Issue Routine Command: (1 swift, 1/turn) droid issues routine command towards computer with friendly attitude towards it.

Regulate Power: (2 swift, 1/turn) DC20 Mechanics check, if successful ship moves +1 up condition track.

Mechanics: +13
Perception: +3
Pilot: +8
Stealth: +6
Use Computer: +13

Vital Systems:
6 tool appendages
1 claw appendage
magnetic feet
astrogation buffer
internal storage (2kg)


Happiness was a gift given to Bariss as part of his coming of age and entering out into the void.

It was after Bariss’ attack run that destroyed an Ancient Mandalorian Cruiser exploded, creating backlash that clipped Mezerel’s engines which led to the death of both Mezerel and Happiness.

After the death of Bu’Cho Bariss downloaded all the memories of Happiness, along with a week’s worth of N3MO’s, to a similar looking R2 unit. The unit calls itself Happiness 2.0 and while it does identify itself mostly as Happiness, it believes that it simply cannot be the same droid that was destroyed.


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