Khalik Coric

Zabrak mechanic


Khalik Coric is the adopted son of an engineer employed by the Incom Corporation and is quite a capable engineer himself. Khalik had been designing starships with his father’s help since he was 13 and is widely regarded by rest of his team as something of an engineering genius. Though Khalik does have an arrogant streak, it is not without good reason as his engineering prowess can match that of even professional engineers.

In 22 BBY, Senator Bail Organa had privately commissioned Incom to develop a new type of fighter for the Republic to use in the Clone Wars, unbeknownst to then Chancellor Palpatine. He wanted a powerful and versatile fighter to be used in many different battlefield roles, hoping to use it to give the Republic a decisive advantage in the war. Sadly, Incom’s first few designs were failures. The prototype starfighters proved to be far too expensive to field at anywhere near the numbers Bail had in mind. Most of the prototypes were scrapped and the designers were forced to go back to the drawing board. It seemed impossible to have such a high quality fighter with such a low production cost. At least until Khalik spoke up.

Khalik proposed a revolutionary experimental design that used much less material at a seemingly insignificant cost to it’s overall capability. Many of the senior members of the engineering team scoffed at his idea seeing as how Khalik was only barely 14 at the time. There was no way a child could see what they couldn’t, right? It wouldn’t be until near the end of the Clone Wars that Khalik’s starfighter would be given serious consideration, and not by the people he wanted.

Once the new Empire caught wind of the boy’s revolutionary design, they demanded that Incom create thousands of these fighters. Khalik convinced the rest of the team to refuse, even as the Empire threatened their arrest. Khalik then found one of the most unlikely of allies in a representative from Seinar Fleet Systems who hid Khalik and his team from the Empire by splitting them up and securing them new jobs across the galaxy, Seinar’s reasoning being that if Incom were to create these fighters for the Empire and they turned out to be as revolutionary as Khalik thought they would be, the Empire may well terminate their contract with Seinar for a new one with Incom.

Unfortunately, the best job Seinar was able to secure for the underage genius was as an apprentice mechanic on Alderaan, which Khalik only accepted because it was the only option that kept his fighters out of the hands of the Empire. He quickly and gleefully abandoned the job however when Bail Organa approached him with another, more adventurous opportunity
1. What does your character Love?: Khalik loves to tinker with things more than anything else. Though he got his start designing starships, he seems to be especially fascinated with droids, particularly ones sporting heuristic processors. He always does his best to repair any damaged droid he comes across. He hopes to one day design a droid of his own and, should he accomplish that goal, would likely risk his life to protect it against his better judgement.

2. What does your character Hate?: The Empire not only cost him his job, but his father as well. His father refused to divulge his son’s design to the Empire after witnessing their atrocities firsthand and was eventually eliminated.

3. Why is your character willingly (and eagerly) working for the [rebellion/empire/guild/organization/order/etc./whatever-group-the-PCs-are-actively-working-with]?: Bail promised to get Khalik his old job back as well as protect him from the Empire. Khalik wants to take this chance to give the Empire a well-deserved kick to the ribs.

Khalik Coric

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