Massassi Bounty Hunter


Rama-Anun Er’tsa, is around – meters tall. He has crimson skin, glowing yellow eyes, and a few tendrils around his head. He wears nothing but a simple loin cloth and a blood red cloak taken from a bounty hunter named Blood.

Medium Massassi- scout 5/ soldier 6
Exp: 56,744/66,000
Destiny 0 Force 10 (1 saved)
Languages: Basic, Sith, Ryl
Abilities – Str 19, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 8, Cha 8
Defenses: Reflex 26, Fortitude 23, Will 20
HP 84; Threshold 27
Speed: 6
Initiative: 13
Perception: 9
B.A.B.: 9
Grapple: 10

Credits – 32125


Unarmed – 13(1d48)
Vibro-Ax – 13(2d1014)
Knife – 13(1d47)
Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle – 7(5d108) Autofire Only

Feats -

Weapon Proficiency- Simple Weapons, Advanced Melee Weapons, Pistols, Heavy Weapons
Point Blank Shot
Improved Damage Threshold
Mighty Swing
Power Attack
Conditional Bonus Feat -Skill Focus Survival


Acute Senses
Expert Tracker
Jet Pack Training
Devastating Attack
Warriors Awareness – Uncanny Dodge 1+2
Duty Bound
Melee Smash


Raised by a self exiled Jedi Blade Master, Dia Er’tsa, on the planet of Ryloth. Rama was trained to be able to survive in the harsh conditions of the planet. Taught to fight with melee weapons since he was 8, he is capable of wielding many different forms of melee weapons. During his time with Master Er’tsa, he was taught about the force, but since he has no adeptness for it, tosses most of what was taught to the side as the years go on.
After returning from a 7 day wilderness test that was set to prove his skills, he found the remains of his master, with lightsaber wounds. He vows to find who did this to her and repay them in kind. Remembering talk of Jedi Order and a Republic he sets out to ask for assistance.
Before managing to secure a trip offplanet, he learns that the Republic is now the Empire, and that the Jedi are no more. So to find his prey, he decided the best way to go about this was to become a bounty hunter, since they are known for their tracking of people.
Soon, he was accepted by a human bounty hunter to be an apprentice, but after three years of mainly being used as a meat shield, he grew tired of this ‘master’ and left. After joining a Hutt on Castell, he worked for the Hutt until his employment became rather tenuous after the Hutt was killed by a pirate group native to Castell.
After a bar fight, he has found himself mixed in with a rather unlikely crowd, the Crew of the Defiant, a bunch of rabble, mass-murderers, a very likable droid, and last but not least, a smart mouthed ruffian who may just see the wrong side of an ax soon. Maybe. Though his jokes at the furry birds expense are priceless.

1. What does your character love? He loves his master/mother. He loves to fight due to his competitive spirit, yet also because it reminds him of the countless hours he and his master spent dueling, practicing his techniques. He has an intense love for the axe which he carries due to it being the last thing he ever received from his mother, and the vow he made upon it. It is his constant companion since than, keeping the spirit of his mother near him at all times.

2. What does your character hate? The murderer and anyone who has had anything to do with the murder of his mother. Whoever it was killed his entire world, and for that he hates them. He also hates the Force, for it was this his master kept preaching to him to believe in. And he thinks that if she would have stopped relying on that foolish heretic religion she could still be alive and well. He also despises most humans, with a few exceptions, and the empire who he has a strange feeling had a hand in causing his mothers death.

3. Why is he working with the group? He is working with this certain group due to their high profile status as people who tend to piss off the Empire, his hope is that through this and there connections with the Rebels, it may lead to an opportunity or information that will lead him to his mothers killers. He hopes this will lead to him to his chance of revenge which he yearns for most nights. He has also begun to develop a fondness of the satirical nature of the group, and has also discovered what could be considered a brotherhood of sorts with his fellow compadres, though mainly N3MO, Bariss and Kelyn, hence is debating the chance to continue on with them even if his revenge is satisfied with the blood he needs.


Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY Ramaanun