Tull Raine

Barabel Shock Boxer/Jedi Wizard


Tull Raine
Soldier 11/Jedi 4/ Elite Trooper 3 (Lvl 18)

STR 19 (+ 4)
DEX 17 (+ 3)
CON 16 (+ 3)
INT 6 (- 2)
WIS 8 (- 1)
CHA 10 (0)

HP 189
Damage Threshold 37
Base Attack + 18

FORT 37/42/47 (Normal/Use Force Ability/Dark Side)
REF 40/45 (Normal/Dark Side)
WILL 30/35/40 (Normal/Use Force Ability/Darkside)

Lightsaber Gloves (+ 26) 2d12 + 1d8 + 18 [Yellow]
Lightsaber (+ 22) 2d8 + 14 [Yellow]
Light Whip (+22) 2d4 + 14 [Blue]

Initiative – 22
All else untrained

Stinging Jab
Stunning Shockboxer
Retaliation Jab
Hammer Blow
Melee Smash
Dark Side Sense
Teras Kasi Basics
Resist the Dark Side
Harms Way
Accurate Blow (Lightsabers)

Armor Prof (Light, Medium)
Bantha Rush
Improved Defenses
Martial Arts 1,2,3
Point Blank Shot
Skill Focus (Initiative)
Weapon Prof (Simple, Lightsaber)
Rapid Strike
Battering Attack
Echani Training
Unstoppable Force
Feat of Strength

Liberation Destiny Complete +1 to all def.


Tull was raised by his grandmother on his home-world of Barab 1. His grandmother was a wise matron who tried to teach Tull many different aspects of the galaxy. Tull however was never much of a learner and thus focused mostly on the warrior skills that his people so often respected.

Some of Tull’s favorite stories as a child involved the Jedi Wizards who freed the Barabel people. To this day Tull is fascinated by the Jedi and feels they are the most powerful warriors in the galaxy. As such, Tull would most likely defer to a Jedi’s orders or feelings than someone else.

Eventually Tull found himself in the shock box rings of the Dool Arena. Hundreds of opponents fell before Tull and many found the end of their lives at Tull’s fists. Countless battles to the death gave Tull a need to prove his strength. He often feels that only through battle can a person truly be strong, but he occasionally remembers ghost of conversations with his grandmother that tried to open his eyes to other views of the galaxy.

Recently Tull has fallen in with a small group of adventures and more and more of his grandmother’s old wisdom is seeping back into Tull’s thick skull. Even more surprising, he has come under the tutelage of Master Tor’kal Kir’tem (Tor/Wizard) and now hopes to attain the rank of Jedi Knight after being accepted into the order as a padawan, despite not being force sensitive. Will Tull prevail or will he find his death early on some dark world?

Tull Raine

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