Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Dazed and Confused Part Three

The Little Droid That Could

Internal Log: Entry 2

We learned that the woman’s name was Irene Spalko, class: Human, and she was with a group of Space Troopers, also Human, there to protect her. They were sent to the ship in search of a Darkside Staff. The staff allows the holder to control where a soul of a being is to be placed and kept. It is VERY evil. A feeling that I am unfortunately use to. It sickens me.

Kelyn, who I discovered is also a pilot, was able to stream the ship’s security cameras onto his datapad. This allowed him to view Irene Spalko and her troops.

As we neared the door that separated us from a smaller room, I was given a weapon, a blaster pistol. A weapon I can actually use with accuracy. First though, Khalik had to attach it to me, which he did with success.

As we saw a storm trooper enter into a smaller room, we devised a plan. A distraction was needed and I was the one chosen. I was scared.

“Can you act?!” Asked Kelyn, “Can you pretend to be a normal cleaning droid!?”

And that is exactly what I did. As everyone hid out of view, I used my talent in deception to be a cleaning droid. As I entered into the room, the Space Trooper seemed slightly confused. I used his confusion to my advantage and hit him right in the groin. It is not my fault that I am that short! This was the cue for all other companions to swarm in. Enemy one was killed in no time.

Next, were the enemies hiding, after the next door. Tor, Kelyn, and Tull decided to attack them. Tor entered in the door, and at once, ALL of the Space Troopers blasted him all at once… AND HE SURVIVED. I do not know how, but he did. I felt the emotion awestruck, for the first time.

After that, I went into hiding… as a lamp. All I did, was place a lamp shade on my head. Suddenly, there was a gun shot. It was from another Space Trooper from a different entrance. He shot at Khalik. Now, it is my duty to protect him. As he causally talked into his communicator about “the really nice lamp that he’d like to take home” and “the boy”, I revealed that I was not a lamp, BUT A DROID! I then released a frag grenade at him, but it did not cause as much damage as I hoping it would.

Suddenly, I see Tor concentrating and then BAM! The Space Trooper, who’s name is Tommy, suddenly became an ally.

Now that that situation had been dodged, I turned my attention to Spalko. I aimed for her, shot and her arm received a high amount of damage, rendering it useless. I watched as my friend were being beaten on by other Space Troopers, Tull using his light saber and punching. Kelyn shooting. Tor used the force and slammed all of the Storm Troopers into each other. It was fascinating to watch. And when I gained the courage to again shoot Irene, I took my chance. It all happened so fast, but I killed her!

I tried helping out with the others, but the rest of the group had it under control.

When all was finished, We entered into the zoo… such horrible memories of this place. What my master had done… and then finally…

Tull showed me the only thing I wanted to know.

Whether or not my master was dead. He was. I felt a huge weight being lifted from my thoughts. Would this feeling be relief? My light glows white when this feeling occurs.

If only I could tell Tull what I and Khalic know…

Why did Khalic not tell him? I feel frustration and anxiety.
There are some things better left unsaid I suppose, but fear has a grasp on me that I can not hide forever.

[ERROR_x3rh65: Connection Disconnected]

This Week in Outer Rim Sports

Dateline Taris! The annual rakghoul hunt went off without a hitch this year as twenty competitors went into the undercity for the great hunt and none came out. People are saying it was the best hunt in decades.

Dateline Tatooine! The Boonta Eve Classic! A fine race it was this year folks, and unfortunately it may be our last for awhile. The Emperor has been cracking down on the races lately and even the Hutts are having trouble keeping the tracks open. But, even with the worries of the grand sport dying out it was a race to see. The winner was a young rodian racer named Stig, but the main focus of the race was Pugwis, grandson of the great Dug racer Sebulba. It looks like racing doesn’t run in the family however as the poor boy ended up dead last. Hopefully no one bet too heavily on him.

And tonight’s special feature, a look at the Outer Rim Shock Box Champ, Tull Raine. A Barabel slave owned by Dool Arena promoters Tull has proven himself to be just about the meanest thing on two legs and a tail. With 35 KOs, 20 in-ring kills, and only 2 losses Tull has proved himself to be the master of the sport. So popular is his following in the Outer Rim that his fans have been known to attempt assassinations on the Barabel’s opponents before they even get into the ring.

In fact, it is well know that the Galaxy is full of Tull Raine look-alikes. As far back as seven years arenas have been buying Barabel slaves and passing them off as the great champ to draw crowds to their rings. Eventually, even speeder salesmen and bazaars started to use fake Tull Raines to garnish more cash flow. Of course, these imposters are eventually found out and cast down as imitations, but that doesn’t mean people don’t keep trying it.

However, all is not well in the land of Shock Boxing. Next month is the scheduled Championship match, but Tull Raine is not a contender. This has lead to a variety of theories including Tull has been sold as a bodyguard, captured by pirates, rescued by the last remains of the Jedi, and even that he simply killed his way to freedom. Sightings of him have been made all over the Galaxy and no one is sure what to believe. All we know is that Tull is not here to defend his title, and thus many in the sport feel he will remain the Outer Rim Champ no matter who wins the Championship match.

All this reporter knows is that wherever the champ is at, skulls are getting cracked.


Dear diary,

Wow. What an interestin’ day. I mean, I woke up, put on my big boy spacetroopa pants just like any other day woulda been. Howeva – how could I have eva known at the end of the day, I would’ve abandoned my post to help put a murda on the very person I was charged to protect, AND join a buncha misfit hooligans to go and save the day? Now don’t go thinkin’ I went all wishy-washy just yet, alright? You see, there was a completely logical and understandable reason for doin’ what I did. I’m hopin’ I remember it pretty soon, even.

Everything happened so frickin’ fast. It was a blur, I tell you. There I was, mindin’ my own business, doin’ a routine patrol. I heard a bit of a cling-clamorin’ type-dealy goin’ down on the other side of the bridge from where I was at. What’s the deal with all those frickin’ doors and airlocks and whatnot up around there anyway? Anyhoo, so apparently what was goin’ down was some bad mojo, man. Real bad. The aforementioned hooligans managed to breach the frickin’ bridge, and not only that, but also shot dead my pal Bob, and my buddy Fred before they even could’ve known what it was that was hittin’ ’em.

I figured hey, it’s the end of the line. Ol’ Tommy Tommy is dead. D.E.A.D. Dead. So what do I do? Like that Bon Jovi song I always loved so much when I was just a pup, Tommy Tommy decides to go down in a blaze of frickin’ glory. Only that ain’t exactly how it went down, is it?

I opened the door in front of me since that’s where the sounds were comin’ from, and started blastin’ at this one guy at the end of the hallway, and I notice in the corner is this really frickin’ nice lamp that I never noticed before. Only it ain’t ACTUALLY a lamp, it just LOOKS like a lamp. How do I know this, you might ask; well good on you, ‘cause I’m gonna tell you. Friggin’ lamp throws a frickin’ GRENADE at me. Now how many lamps you know go around tossin’ grenades at people? Not very many, I’m sure of that.

Anyhoo, for some reason this dude that I’m shootin’ at does some wavy hand thing or somethin’ and all of a sudden I come to a realization about a few things. Life, you know? Heavy shit. I realize that this whole layin’ my life on the line for the Empire day in and day out just for the sake of a steady payday just ain’t for me after all. Gettin’ punched in the meatsack by a two-foot droid only to take a blaster bolt through the dome seconds later like Bob did just ain’t worth it like it used to be. Talk about addin’ injury to insult.

And so what if all these crazy folk just killed a couple of my best poker buddies. I could tell they weren’t all bad. Maybe a little misguided or some such, but hey, we all are. There was just this sense about them that they had a good purpose. I thought to myself, “Tommy, there’s only one way out of this for you. One way. Either you play dead and hope they don’t double check, or you join ’em.” So I joined ’em.

We mopped up the resta the spacetroopas and took out Spalko. The look on her face was friggin’ priceless when she saw me throwin’ grenades at her boys. Goodnight Irene! Always wanteda say that!

Yadda yadda, we saved some people, and then some other imperial dudes was gonna come check out to see if somethin’ was wrong, but some quick thinkin’ on the parta that li’l droid fella convinced ‘em to leave us alone long enough to blow the friggin’ ship to kingdom come, and escape. Not necessarily in that orda.

Somehow that all just reminded me I lefta baga popcorn I won at poker up in Fred’s bunk. Good ol’ Freddie always did love a good baga popcorn. I wonder if that stuff pops on an explodin’ ship.

Carsons Log Rescue Mission in the Undercity

Carson wondered just how deep this seemingly ancient industrial plat could go. They’d been slipping through hallways that looked they had not seen sentient life for ages. Some of the computer terminals looked so old they were barely recognizable. A layer of rust seemed to coat everything in sight. He was brought out of his thoughts as they heard noises through a stairwell to a catwalk. “Why don’t you just come out and make it quick?” one voice yelled. Resh. Carson thought. The bounty hunters must have beat them to the target of this nearly suicidal expedition. They quickly made their way out onto the catwalk and observed. Before Carson even knew what was happening, blaster bolts began flying every which way. Carson ducked with a practiced speed as a heavy blaster tore into the air around him. The crate cracked open, revealing its’ contents as live fuel rods. Carson yelled to the others, dropping the codenames and deception for a pure survival instinct of not being vaporized into a cloud blood. The bounty hunters fought hard. Carson’s slip up seemed to renew their zeal. Bariss began to get angry, presumbaly at Carson’s mistake, but more so at the pirates as their blaster bolts hit Platt. Resh, meanwhile, had been locked away at the top of a water tower. Carson stood in awe as Resh fought, vibroaxe to vibroaxe against a bounty hunter. In a stunning move, he slashed out at his target, knocking him clean off of the water tower into the oily abyss below. It seemed he was handling himself well. The fight raged on for a good amount of time, the bounty hunters skilled shots collapsing catwalk after catwalk, forcing the fight onto their terms. As the last of bounty hunters were being taken down by his teammates skilled blasterfire, Carson watched as the watertower, and along with it, Resh, the man they had fought and bled to save fell, presumably dead into the oil. Carson quickly rushed to his aid with the conviction that only a practiced battlefield physician could muster. He quickly dove into the oil, struggling awkwardly to swim in the black goo. Reaching Resh, he went to work reviving him. With a practiced hand, he found a pulse. “Resh is alive!” he yelled to his comrades still fighting on the catwalks above and began the lengthy process of pulling him out.

Reflections from Tor part 43

“The Force is my ally. And a powerful ally it is.”

Master Yoda’s words were the only thing that rang through Tor’s head as the massive ice bridge shifted and creaked, the reverberations echoing strongly through his environmental suit, the battalion of stormtroopers stumbling as the ice sheet cracked beneath their feet. The ice rose and turned, glittering starlight reflecting off its faceted surface before the gravity of the Force pulled it back toward the ship, crushing the horde of Imperials that blocked their way.

Splinters of ice spiraled off into space as Tor lowered his hands and Tull gaped at him. Before Tor had a chance to speak, he felt a darkness behind them. “There’s something dark up there,” he called to the others. Tull darted forward, lightsaber in hand as he entered the lift tube. Before he could hit the button, the roof imploded in at him and a sickening creature burst forth from it. It resembled a Wookiee but it was all wrong, bits of flesh hanging off of it, its eyes hollow and dark.

Tor barely had time to watch Tull slash at the creature with his lightsaber, a deadly dance of power and grace before another creature leaped out at him, slashing and snarling. Tor backed away from its attacks and saw scales, realizing that the thing had once been a barabel. Tor got a flash of what Tull could become if the dark side ever took him before he moved into defense, calling out to the Force and blocking it from both of the creatures, using a flood of light to suppress their darkness.

They fought back across the buckled deck of the downed ship, Kelyn and the odd droid they’d found blasting and torching, Khalic throwing his turret down before stretching out to the Force himself. Together they all withered the dark creature down until it fell.

Turning, Tor saw Tull, still locked in combat with the Wookiee, his lightsaber abandoned for his powerful fists. Khalic threw the Wookiee into a crate that exploded in a shower of stuffed dolls in the shape of tauntaun’s, squeaking as they drifted in the zero gravity. Tor extended his hand and the dolls burst into a spray of stuffing and plastic, pelting the creature.

Tull waded through the dolls and pulled back his fist, aiming the final blow at the creature. The Force pulled at Tor and he let it flow through him and into Tull, letting the barabel feel the tug of the Force and see the lights that flowed across all beings. He saw the barabel close his eyes as his fist flew forward, the blow connecting with all the might Tull could muster, the Force swirling around him as clear as the cloud of tauntaun’s hovering in the air.

The group walked through the caverns under the ship, trying to find their way safely back to the Defiance. They entered the quarters of the slaver who ran the ship, holos of his conquests still flickering on the walls. Tor could see Tull’s fists clench as they moved through the room, and watched as the barabel eventually smashed through one of the pictures. Tor sighed but remained silent, his own pain echoing Tull’s. Tull turned away, shame evident on his face as the odd droid plugged into a desk and with Khalic’s help pulled up several working camera feeds on the ship. Carbonite blocks littered the cargo hold as several dark Imperials paced across the bridge.

Tor could feel the presence of the Star Destroyer looming overhead, but knew that they couldn’t leave without moving through the bridge and investigating the cargo hold. The group moved into the corridor towards the bridge, the derelict ship dark and brooding, its deepest secrets waiting to be revealed.

A Tale Called Tull Part 12
Something Wicked This Way Vibro-Axes

Tull had seen Wizard do many amazing things with the force. He could heal wounds. He could see the future and past with true clarity. He could move at speeds unattainable by normal people. He could also fight like no normal being in the Galaxy. However, when Wizard stretched out his hands and caused the bridge of ice and all the men on it to shatter into thousands of pieces Tull knew Wizard was as close as any man could be to attaining true power.

The Emperor Sith must be a true terror for Wizard to be wary of him. How can Tull hope to fight such monsters?

“I sense darkness above,” said Wizard, snapping Tull from his thoughts.

In seconds Tull’s lightsaber was in hand and he was heading for a turbo-lift that would take him to the floor above. As he held the lift door open for Wizard Tull saw the Jedi’s eyes widen at some unseen horror out of Tull’s view. Just as Tull was going to return to his friend’s side the ceiling above him disappeared and in its place stood a monster out of some dark story.

The Wookiee appeared to be a walking corpse. It’s eyes shown red, and huge canines protruded from its rotten face. Tull could barely believe this creature could exist, but its vibro-axe seemed real enough. Between the Barabel and the monster it took little time for the turbo-lift to become a torn ruin. Lightsaber and vibro-axe shredded metal like butter, yet neither warrior was able to harm the other.

This thing is powerful, almost too power.

Tull realized quickly the thing had a healthy fear of the lightsaber, but would it know enough to avoid a fist with such caution? In an instant Tull’s saber was away and his fists were swinging. Every missed attack by the Wookiee led to a quick return hit by Tull. Then the opening came. The creature was not feeling the blows like a normal beast. It became complaisant, almost lazy in its defenses. That was when Tull took his hands and slammed the monster’s head between them, as one would to crush a fly.

That got the monster’s attention. Its head crushed slightly from the massive force and it was sent reeling to the floor. Yet even so hurt, the creature kept crawling at Tull, pulling at his feet to try and trip him. That was when the creature met with Padawan Khalik, and was flung across the derelict ship like a rag doll. As the beast fell into a large crate it exploded in a shower of. . . laughing Ton Ton dolls.

At least Tull’s life is never dull these days.

Not wishing for the fight to be over Tull waded through the floating dolls (stuffing one into a large pocket on the way) to get at the Wookiee beast once more. As the creature stood in front of Tull the Barabel pulled his fist back for a mighty hay-maker blow. As Tull’s fist sailed through the air Tull could hear Wizard speaking in his mind from across the ship.

“The force flows through all living things Tull, not just Jedi. With my help even you can tap into its great energies. Feel the living force swirling around you Tull. The force is strong in you, and even if you can’t feel it, you must know it is there. Use the force Tull.”

Mid swing Tull closed his eyes. Tull could see everyone and everything in the ship. Wizard a beacon of sharp white light, Padawan Khalik a dull green shine, Kelyn Captain a violet swirl of pain and love, even little People Bot a dark grey with the tiniest pinprick of golden light, and Tull himself a dark blue with swirls of silver. In front of him was the Wookiee, as black as night, clearer to Tull than if his eyes had been thrown wide.

Is this how Wizard sees the world? Is this the power of the force?

Then the massive blow landed on the rotten monster and the lights were gone. Tull was back in his own world, but for those few seconds he knew what it felt to be a true Jedi Wizard.

The group wandered through the caves under the ship for some time before coming to an area of gravity and light. There the group found the possessions of the ship’s captain, a slaver and a sadist.

Around the small personal cabin there sat many lewd and terrible pictures, one of which showed a Barabel being choked to death with a horrible whip like device. Tull’s anger surged like it hadn’t in some time and with a closed fist he smashed the picture into dust.

Jedi Wizards do not act this way. Anger is not part of a Jedi’s life. Wizard told Tull so.

Shame flooded through the Barabel and he could barely look at Wizard. Yet, the Jedi was not upset, he wore a sad look to be sure, but disappointment was not in his face.

This is a lesson. A lesson Wizard didn’t have to teach Tull. One Tull learned for himself.

People Bot and Padawan Khalik fumbled with a computer until a holo display came on showing camera views to choose from. It quickly became apparent that the ship held captives that needed rescued and a Sith Witch that needed to be stopped. Tull’s hands tightened on his lightsaber.

Jedi Wizards seek peace, but all we ever seem to find is war.

Dazed and Confused Part Two
failure to fight

Failure to Fight

Internal Log: Entry 1

I have to start my logs over again. I am lacking information needed to compute which week this is. I have met new companions. All unique in their own way. I noticed that they all have something interesting to add to battle.

Tor seems to be a stronger one in the group by mind. He exhibited this by lifting an ice bridge, occupied by a large quantity of enemies, and crushing them. This destroys all of the enemies except one.

They thought that was the only danger, but then two vampires appeared, looking for very pure blood. I wish I could have done better to protect everyone.

I misread information about a barrel, almost set Khalik on fire, blinded myself, almost threw a frag mine at Kelyn and I also managed to set myself on fire due to the enemy punching me.

Khalik seems to be the mechanic of the group. He understands computers and droids well. Which could be helpful in the future. He exhibited this by creating a Turret during battle.

Since I was blind for most of the fight, I did not know what was going on. There was a lot of yelling and shouting and loud crashes. I ran into a dead vampire and a wall. I felt an emotion that I have not felt before and I decided to attack the object in front of me. It ended up being a wall. I set it on fire with my torch.

Then I heard Tull attack the monster, a crashing sound and then a lot of laughing. Multiple laughs. I didn’t know where they were coming from and I panicked. The emotion I was feeling is called confusion. Khalik explained this to me and got me to calm down. Confusion causes my light to turn a murky yellow.

Tull seems to be the muscle in the group. He uses brute strength and benefits more when using hand to hand combat upon another opponent. He can also use a lightsaber. There is something about Tull that I find interesting. I’m not exactly sure what it is just yet, but I am going to observe him more than the others until I find out what the reason behind this is.

Kelyn’s talent to benefit the group I am still unsure of. He can shoot. This is all that I know for now though.

Khalik repaired my broken lens, allowing me to see again. When I examined my surroundings, I seen that there were numerous objects floating in the area around me. They resembled popcorn! And when I pointed this out, Tull insulted me. Which in turn made me feel sad. All I want to do is become an ally and aid them in their journey.

Anyways, when the battle had finished, I was able to be in my master’s old room. Which caused Tull to become angry. This was a new emotion I was shown. I feel that emotion. I feel anger whenever I think about my master and his evil deeds, but why does this affect Tull the way that it does?

I also discovered that I have been powered off for four years. How much have I missed since then? 208.709828 weeks roughly. That is a long time… so, I am going to stick with the reset that I have put in place for the Internal Log Entries.

We found out that we were not alone. There was a woman and other people with her near the bridge. They were attempting to hack into a computer. I did not want them to access any information that they may have, thus causing me to counter-hack them. Which was a success. As I went to move. The audio turned on when I bumped into something and the woman sai….

[ERROR_x3rh65: Connection Disconnected]

Reflections from Tor part 42

Tor woke with a yell, a brief flash of light bursting from his body as his eyes snapped open. The dark cavern and the Inquisitor were gone, replaced by the cool durasteel of a ships interior.

Tull was standing over Tor, a worried look still covering the lizard’s face. Tor put a hand on Tull’s arm and pulled himself up, heading towards the cockpit. He found his way to his usual spot behind Kelyn and rested a hand on the back of the scoundrel’s chair.

Kelyn glanced back with a grunt of acknowledgement as Tor caught his breath.

Kelyn turned the ship and Tor’s eyes widened as a massive black behemoth filled the cockpit windows. The beast let out a massive roar and the ship shook in the air.

“Have a nice nap?” Kelyn snapped, catching sight of Tor’s amazed look. He pointed the ship down and Tor saw the Defiance nestled in the decrepit spaceport they’d left it in.

Tor turned towards the back of the ship but hesitated as he felt the dark presence of the beast searching for them, following his energy in the Force. He took his lightsaber from his belt and held it, feeling the crystal buried inside echoing his presence, resonating the same energy that Tor had. He tucked it into a compartment next to a chair. “That’ll help you lead it off,” Tor said to Kelyn’s baffled look, heading out of the ship.

The rest of the group jumped down from the boarding ramp as Kelyn blasted off again. The towering beast paused, hunting for its target before following after Kelyn.

The group waited several long moments while the boarding ramp of the Defiance lowered and the ship started up. As they moved into the ship, Tor noticed Tull, the rough lines and sharp edges under his scales showing his still prevalent injuries, but he had said nothing of them. Tor stopped the reptile and held out his hands, letting his energy flow into the barabel. There was a loud crack as Tull’s ribs snapped back into place but Tull barely flinched. They both ran to gun turrets as Khalic lifted the ship from the ground.

The beast waded through the ruins of the city like they were made of paper, in the distance Tor could see where it had burst out of the temple. Shots flashed out from both the Defiance and Kelyn’s newly appropriated ship, tearing into the massive creature. One blast from Kelyn brought a massive bellow from the beast. Tor felt its anger flare out in the Force. As he did he became aware of something else. The pall of the dark side that had plagued him throughout the temple had lifted. The dark side still hung about the planet, but it was much lighter, like a mist that was easy to penetrate. As Tor pulled the light side to him once again and felt its strength renew him, he looked out his gunport at the massive creature. Tor extended a hand and pushed out with the Force. The beast faltered as the Force washed over it, stumbling and then falling unconscious into a gigantic heap amidst the ruins.

That night, after the group celebrated with the squibs, Tor gathered Tull and Khalic and led them away to a secluded area, the din of the celebrations and the glow of their fires forming a backdrop to the area.

“I wanted to tell you how proud I am of both of you,” Tor began, a hand on each of their shoulders. “Both my padawans,” he said, looking at Tull. “Tull, you have the strongest heart of any creature I’ve ever met. A heart worthy of a Jedi Knight.” He turned to the young zabrak. “Khalic, you’ve grown so much in the Force. The composure you’ve shown, the bravery, the way you’ve used the Force, holding that ship up in the temple. You’ve come a long way.” Tor stepped away and turned to face them. “It’s up to us,” Tor said, gesturing to the three of them, “to restore the Jedi order. If our journey here has taught me anything, it’s that I won’t be around forever. And when I’m gone, I’ll need others to carry on the Jedi way, to bring the Jedi back to the galaxy.”

Tor looked up, at the stars twinkling overhead. “The Jedi are supposed to be the guardians of the galaxy. Now that job falls to us. I only know so much, can only do so many things.” He turned to Tull. “Tull, you know how to handle yourself in battle. In a very short time you’ve been able to treat the lightsaber like you’ve used one for years. Better than I ever could. You’ll be able to teach people how to wield it well. Khalic, you will find that people throughout the galaxy will pursue you, just for having a connection to the Force. You must remain strong and vigilant. You’ll have to pass on knowledge of how to use the Force to others, when I’m no longer able.”

Tor opened his arms, taking in the world around them. “Between us I believe that we can restore the Jedi to the galaxy. We will fight the oppression of the Empire and make the galaxy safe again.” He turned back to his padawans, a smile on his face. “Best get started.”

Tor showed Tull the holocron he’d found at Bu’cho’s. Count Dooku appeared and began to explain the various lightsaber forms. Tull drank it in. Tor helped him with the small knowledge he had, getting the reptile started, but soon Tull was working alone, the holocron continuing to explain different techniques.

With Khalic, Tor accessed the holocron that had been dropped by Draco, proud that Khalic had retrieved it from the dark cavern. Together they explored its knowledge, learning new philosophies and techniques of the Force, practicing them with each other.

Tor moved between the two sharing advice. As Tull practiced multiple forms, Tor spoke with him. “Remember, the most powerful form you can use Tull, is to not have to use any form at all.”

At one point in their training, Khalic had practiced meditation and had seen a vision. As soon as he told Tor about it, Tor knew it was about Kelyn’s daughters and the shared visions they’d had several weeks prior. Tor rushed off, his padawans in tow.

They found Kelyn on the ship, deep into a Corellian opera and several bottles of ale. “Sss goin’ on?” he slurred. Tor explained the vision and even shared it with Kelyn, using his species’ memnii ability. Kelyn seemed to sober a bit as he questioned the vision, what it meant, and how it would lead to Tor killing his girls.

“I give you my word, Kelyn,” Tor said emphatically. “That I will do everything I can to bring your daughters back to the light side.”

Kelyn would not be swayed from his anguish and soon had sealed himself back in his cabin, the opera again blaring from behind the closed door.

Their ships drifted up from the planet, ready to make their way back to Exovar’s and then on to Coruscant when three star destroyers flashed in front of them. The Defiance, with all aboard except Kelyn, dove into the asteroids, pummeled by the huge rocks as the star destroyers turned towards them. Khalic felt a strange urgency in the Force and began to lead them to a strange formation deep within the belt.

As they approached it, the Imperial ships edged closer, Kelyn in his ship swooping by them. A quick farewell from the scoundrel sounded over the comm. and Kelyn’s new ship disappeared from the sensors, followed by a massive explosion that consumed one of the capital ships.

“KELYN!” Tor yelled into the comm.

A moment of static was followed by a gruff “What?” from the scoundrel, piloting a small pod near the Defiance.

The group landed on the strange formation and proceeded through a decrepit corellian corvette, edging their way closer to the strange presence Khalic felt. They found a strange droid in the engine room, nearly humorous in its attempts at hostility. Khalic entered a small space while Kelyn collected some needed power cores. As they emerged to return to the Defiance, a large ice bridge loomed ahead, crawling with stormtroopers.

The strange R2 unit twittered, Kelyn’s hand inched towards his blaster, Khalic’s towards the contraption that sprung into a turret, Tull’s hands curled into fists, and again Tor began to reach out to the Force.

Almas was not finished with them yet.

Tulls Thoughts Lightsaber Forms

Wizard’s words filled Tull with a resolve Tull did not know he possessed.

“You have the strongest heart of any creature I know,” said Wizard. “We must not let the Jedi Order fall into darkness. Together we will build it anew.”

On Tull’s life and honor he will bring the Jedi Wizards back to power. Tull promises this in his heart of hearts Wizard.

The holy holocron was almost too much for Tull, and he nearly rejected it as being too important for him. Tull was glad Wizard forced him to take it. The holocron held knowledge of the seven prominent lightsaber forms used by the Jedi Order before its fall. Not to mention comments on other styles and attack types. While not having full instructions for these forms it was enough to whet Tull’s appetite for knowledge and gave him a view into the many different ways of the lightsaber.

Shii-Cho. The Determination Form. An early form of lightsaber combat. Outclassed by many other forms it none the less allowed a fighter to perform random, if wild, attacks. A good form to use when disarming a foe instead of killing. Or when desperate or pressed on many sides by opponents. Hopefully Tull would not need it very often.

Makashi. The Contention Form. A form used primarily in dueling an opponent that used a lightsaber and/or force powers. Dooku was a master of this form and it was the form Tull was most interested in. If he ever expected to slay a Sith Wizard in saber to saber combat this would be Tull’s next form to master after Niman. Luckily, the holocron had near complete techniques for the style stored within it.

Soresu. The Resilience Form. A defensive form used to deflect blasters or fight off multiple opponents. Tull would most likely never have the reflexes to deflect a blaster bolt (and he could take quite a few before getting too worried anyway) but Tull found that more and more the group of friends faced many opponents at the same time. When surrounded by a group of enemies this form could well save Tull’s life. An important form, but unable to meet its true power in Tull’s non-force sensitive hands.

Ataru. The Aggression Form. As its name suggests an aggressive form that was very useful against single opponents, but stuttered in confined environments or against blasters. Ataru’s main focus was on using the force to perform amazing feats of acrobatics. Again, like Soresu, Tull would never unlock this form’s true potential. However, unlike with Soresu Tull was quite used to acrobatic maneuvers in combat being used to avoid getting hit. While he would never master it Tull would make sure to lock away several parts of the form, when he could, to be used in certain situations.

Shien/Djem So. The Perseverance Form. A mixture of two forms. Shien against blaster. Djem So against lightsabers. With both techniques the fighter would deflect and then return attacks back onto their opponents. Shien would do little for Tull, but Djem So was a possible gold mine for him. Djem So was often used by powerful swordsmen as the form relied on never letting an opponent get an attack in, both through counter strikes and shear oppression during a fight. Tull’s strength would lend itself well to the style and would be a form Tull would have to attempt learning in conjunction with Makashi. If he could find a complete record of it that is.

Niman. The Moderation Form. Tull’s bread and butter. His entry into lightsaber combat. A mixture of all the previous forms of combat. A style that gave a fighter no distinct advantages, yet also gave them no disadvantages. It was often coined as the safest of lightsaber forms to wield in combat. Ironically, the form could greatly benefit by the use of telekinetic force powers, but even without them the form remained a strong rock a warrior could fall upon in the sea of combat. Soon enough Tull would be considered a budding master in the form. No matter what, Tull would never find himself at a disadvantage as long as her relied on Niman.

Juyo/Vaapad. The Ferocity Form. The most vicious and reliant upon inner focus of all the lightsaber forms taught by the Jedi Order. The form was so vicious that often times a Jedi would need permission to learn it as many Sith found it to be a fitting form of lightsaber combat. Darth Maul was a famous user of Juyo recorded in the Order’s histories. Vaapad, made by Master Windu, involved channeling ones inner emotions into combat. A technique seen as being very close to the Sith teachings by many in the order. The two sister forms were a window into a great deal of power, but it was a window that Tull would have to think on greatly before he tried to open it.

After many hours of training Wizard pulled Tull aside and taught him the most powerful lightsaber form a Jedi has at his disposal.

“The most powerful form you can use Tull, is to not have to use any form at all,” Wizard said with a smile.

From that day until his last, Tull would think of that simple sentence as the most important lesson he ever learned as a Jedi Wizard.

A Tale Called Tull Part 11
A Day in the Life

It had been a strange few weeks for Tull.

Escaping a pirate capital ship before it exploded. Befriending a Jedi Wizard, a red Sith, an insane Captain, and a variety of other individuals drawn from the farthest parts of the galaxy. Learning of the dangers of half charges. Participating in the bar fight/shopping spree of the century. Battling a clown demon and his robot pets. Killing a crime lord and looting his mansion. Heading to a planet steeped in evil to end up in a flea market run by annoying, yet oddly cute aliens. Becoming a Jedi Wizard and training with a light sword. Battling evil dinosaurs and zombies. Facing off against Tentacle Monsters who force friends to hurt friends. Killing a Sith Wizard and his group of monsters. Oh, and the Dragon.

Needless to say, while still terrified, Tull was not surprised as Wizard pulled Tull behind him and rocketed across the blackness of space at the speed of a blaster bolt.

All a day in the life of Tull Raine, Jedi Wizard.

The Dragon had been a close thing. With Wizard in his arms Tull was able to keep his friend safe from harm on the escape from the temple, but didn’t come out unscathed himself. Large rocks and poison darts are bad company for broken ribs. Even so, all Tull’s friend escaped the certain doom that awaited them in the jaws of the Sith Dragon.

Of course, then his friends decided discretion had nothing to do with valor and opened fire on the rampaging lizard. Tull thought all was lost until Wizard awoke and with a wave of his hand forced the dragon into a deep slumber it would not awaken from this century.

The time with the squibs was a much needed reprieve from the group’s recent efforts. The rescued children were a delight to be around and with the help of the force even Tull’s ribs were starting to feel like they were getting back to normal.

The training with Wizard was also much needed. As Tull suspected Wizard had no plans of letting the Jedi Order slip into history. Tull and Machine Man Khalic would be the first of many students who would continue the Jedi way of life.

Khalic was also growing in power daily. Whether he was drawing off of Wizard’s innate strength or building his own Tull could not say. As the two Jedi Wizards meditated on the powers of the force Tull found himself meditating on the plethora of new lightsaber forms Wizard had show him through a Holy Holocron, made by a Jedi Wizard named Dooku. This Dooku was a very skilled swordsman, and Tull hoped someday he would rival even the famous sword masters of the Jedi order like Dooku. (NOTE: See “ Tull’s Thoughts: Lightsaber Forms”)

Eventually Khalic’s meditations led to visions; which led to a tough conversation with Kelyn Captain (Tull still wasn’t sure if Kelyn Captain’s daughters were Sith Witches or Little Girls or Ghosts or something else entirely); which led the group of friends to leave Almas in search of the core party. All with the hope of returning Adria and Bella to their father’s arms.

Then the Star Destroyers showed up. Then Kelyn Captain ran his ship into one of them. Then there was one less Star Destroyer. Then Kelyn Captain rode a speeder through space, and Tull was pretty sure Kelyn Captain had his opera playing on his personal communicator the whole way through.

Which led finally to the party hiding out on a magical crystal moon and Tull getting pulled through space like a large lizardy kite. Hopefully this next adventure would not be Tull’s last. He was having too much fun.

All a day in the life of Tull Raine, Jedi Wizard.


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