The Empire Never Considered Them A Threat

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The Core of Corruption

The Nazren uprising is over. Out of the chaos, Senator Organa’s agents return

to the starship Resurgence with new data essential to discovering

the origins of the mysterious Sarlacc Project.

Fearing that swift Imperial action will invalidate the compromised information,

the Imperial traitor Admiral Varth has reassembled Organa’s agents for a dangerous

trip to the heart of the Empire. There they must continue their desperate search

for the Sarlacc Project, under the oppressive gaze of the Empire itself . . .

Player Characters

Khalik Coric

Tor’kal Kir’tem


Kelyn Langolier


Bariss Gigrig

Fenn Ya’bag


Tull Raine


Platt Okeefe

Tommy Tommy