Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

A Bridge to a New Path

This place gives me the creeps, and it doesn’t help that Khalik seems freaked out and Tor is alert about some Force stuff. I really, really, don’t need to be Force Choked again.

We continue down the dark cave into a clearing with a bridge and funky looking water…that probably isn’t water, and a bridge? Really? I heard all I needed to know about bridges in a Force Corrupted place from Tor and Tull when they were after Draco, fracking hell. We line up: Tull, Khalik, myself, Tor, etc. I have my new Commando Sniper Rifle at the ready, as if it’ll help against the Force, as we move onto the bridge. Literally from nowhere a heavy mist blankets the bridge as well as all of Tull and half of Khalik. No more than a second later I hear Tull roar followed by a splash in the water-ish liquid under us. Khalik dives in, which means that the splash was Tull and whatever took him out is now in front of me somewhere hidden in this fog. I turn facing Tor, “Did you see that?”.

Tor’s face remains alert, but he does not ready himself for battle, he just looks forward as if Tull was safe and no threat exists. Wary I step forward, forward, look back to see no one and turn forward to see a…door. A door at the end of a bridge, a door which I didn’t see before when there wasn’t a heavy mist around. Abyss.

I get to the door, it’s a normal sealed door for a freighter or any other transport ship for that matter. Definitively shouldn’t be here. I touch the keypad and the door opens to a cockpit, the visible stars aren’t familiar and that brings a feeling I haven’t felt in a while, a feeling of dread. I feel my death in this cockpit. I will not go quietly, I shoot a round into the main window to the galaxy and my shot is deflected by a small green line. Ah poodoo it’s a lightsaber.

“Do that you should not.”
“Fear death do you?”
“Can not avoid, death can you.”

I look down and see a small statured, green skinned, cane wielding, Jedi.

A small crack starts at the point in another duraplas window where the blaster bolt was redirected

“Think you better than others hmmm. Think you not die?”
“Into fight you fly, no fear.”

“I’m not better. … I was just having fun.”

Laughter from an unseen source

“You not better. You die. Die we all will.”

The small crack expands, the window begins to break

Waves of ice break against me as he coldness of space invades the cockpit, my arms and legs become numb and heavy. The darkness of space envelopes me, bone chilling cold, struggling in vain as I’m drowning in…water? I barely get to the surface and see the other side of the bridge in front of me. Once I beach myself on the ground I see Khalik over Tull, a massive hole in Tull’s chest. More of our party is fished out of the “water” and they explain their visions while crossing that karking bridge. All the while my conversation with Khalik echo’s in my mind.

I can’t always be a pilot, and while I don’t believe it, I can’t be the best and I can’t take that limitation.

I’m going to die, sooner rather than later if I keep charging in. I need to plan, but only one person had plans that survived contact with an enemy. Cad Bane.

Chuba doompa, dopa-maskey kung! I despise the man still…but he was effective.



That seems to be a strangely dark and slightly twisted Yoda, I like it,seems to drive home his message well. Interesting to see Barris foray into the mind of Cad Baine. I liked the pacing on this too. Actually was kind of a surprise to find he was drowning in water rather than that dark vacuum he’s so accustomed to soaring through unhindered.

A Bridge to a New Path

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