Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

A path to redemption

The battle had gone much the same that it had in the past. Exovar’s lay in ruins. With a smoldering TIE fighter laying in the dining area. Carson surveyed the bloody scene. Burnt and broken bodies littered the room like some sinister ticker tape parade. “I can’t stand by and continue to bring this misery onto people” Carson thought. Carson pulled the blaster out of his holster and gingerly cradled it in his hands. He looked at the well-worn weapon, the dulled look of the metal sticking out at him. It had served him well through the streets of Castell as he worked to bring justice back to his homeworld. It had been at his side while fighting on Fellucia, and been indispensable in Cloud City. Carson holstered the pistol and returned to the SpellJammer for a moment’s rest. He checked his datapad, mainly out of habit and noted he had a message. He sighed and checked who he had received it from. “Annin?” he said aloud.

Carson hurried to the ships comm system. It took a moment before Annin answered the call. The video screen showed a visibly distraught Herglic, his black skin stained crimson. “Carson, my friend,” Annin said with apprehension “I have bad news to bear”. Carson’s hands began to shake with anxiety. “Kevin is dead.” Carson looked away from the screen. “I’m sorry. There was nothing we could do…” Annin continued. Carson cut him off as a wave of anger rushed over him. “I TOLD you he was not to be harmed. He may be…. may have been, an Imperial sympathizer but he was still my brother damnit!” The Herglic looked down, shifting a bit uncomfortably. Carson composed himself, tears falling from his face. “I… I’m sorry Annin. I’m sure there was nothing you could have done.” Carson thought of his family, or those who were his family. His family was snuffed out for the same cause he fought for. Bloodshed had given him nothing but more bloodshed. He felt numb as the shock of the news took hold. Annin went on to explain the details of the rebellion on Castell. Kevin had tried to stop a raid on a nearby supply depot, hoping to get a reward for killing rebels. Annin had laid down suppressive fire to try and scare him off, knowing full well who it was. A younger member of the group, full of rage at the empire for some injustice of his own put a slugthrower shell right through Kevin’s chest. “Thanks, Annin. Promise me Kevin will get a proper burial, so long as you can keep yourselves safe. I’ll be in touch. Carson, out.”Carson sat down for a moment. He had no one left to return to. No safe haven to stand by him. He thought of his companions who were milling about Exovar’s for gear and supplies. They were the closest thing to family for him now.

’I cannot contribute to this cruelty anymore. ’ he thought. He packed a bag, putting the frag grenades and other weapons he had collected over the past battles into it. As he packed up his equipment, his mind wandered back to the beginning of medical school training “Medicine is a noble profession, with strong ethical tenets. The first being Do No Harm.” he recalled hearing during a lecture. “Do No Harm. I’ve doing quite a bit of harm lately.” he thought. He drew his blaster from his holster, the grip slipping easily into his practiced hands. He looked at the pistol, nodded his head as if to affirm conviction and placed it back into his holster.
Carson left the ship and found Exovar cursing among the wreckage of his once safe haven. “Carson!” the man exclaimed, smiling “Did you see what that AT-AT can do even on half charge?” Carson smiled, trying not to think about what had happened here just minutes ago. “I know how you like your stories Exovar… so I have some gifts for you.” Carson handed over the bag of weapons. “I figure you can use it to rebuild your bar here. This place is a small bit of sanctuary in these dark times. There’s also 2 cred sticks, each with 10,000 creds on them. If you can give one to Lt. Randall for her help, that would mean much to me.” Exovar looked at the equipment in front of him “This is very generous of you, boy.” Carson unholstered his pistol, the grip absentmindedly slipping into its a good shooting position. He turned the weapon over and offered the grip to Exovar. “I want you to have this for your wall, when you get the place renovated.” Carson added, trying to ignore the bodies throughout the room. His mind centered on one word; Death. “That blaster has been at my side through rebellions, violent jungles and some of the darkest corners of the universe. Quite a few Imperials have fallen before it. It’s time for it to become nothing more than a story, a legend if you prefer.” Exovars eyes had a sparkle in them like a child hearing a well spun bedtime story. “Isn’t this a bit dangerous though, kid? I mean, someone in your position needs a way to defend himself.” he added, a bit worriedly. “I’ll get by my friend.” Carson replied. “Take care of yourself, Exovar.” With that, Carson went back to the Spelljammer and retired to his bunk. He couldn’t deal with being amid the chaos and destruction of the bar. He laid down, hoping to get some sleep. His mind wandered back to a class he had taken on natural healing and, inadvertently, toxicology. An old Ithorian named Pato Ixlis spoke to the small class. One of the most gentle souls he’d ever met, the elder Ithorian was a physician by trade and a gardener by nature. “The force binds us all together. We are all kin to the other.” he said, as he tended to a small plant, finding a pest crawling through it. He picked it up and let it fly off into the warm midday air. “Life is a precious thing and we cannot waste it. We have our ethics, after all. Doing our best to not harm others should be paramount in our nature.” Carson made fast friends with Pato, wanting to learn more of his philosophy. One day, as he helped him tend the garden, he had asked him how he defended himself. A recent wave of petty muggings in the area had made him worried about his safety. Pato smiled “We must keep ourselves safe, of course, but it needn’t be lethal. Many species, especially those who live a more primitive lifestyle, have used their natural environments to incapacitate their enemies.” Pato showed him a plant. “For example, this plant, known as Bundar root, can cause short term memory loss and reasoning difficulties. There are many of these out there, with their own special quirks. A quick pin prick is all it takes to introduce it to the bloodstream. I’ve used it to handle myself in the past, and it has not failed me yet.”
“Always remember your ethics.” Pato said "They are the one thing that hold true in this universe. Carson broke out of the reverie as he drifted off to sleep, wondering to himself “What if i’ve already forgotten them?” he asked himself as he stared at the gray metal ceiling.

“A man who casts no shadow has no soul.” Iron Maiden “Out of the shadows”

(OOC: Yeah, this one’s a little long. Stayed well up into 3:30 AM writing this one. TL;DR:Carson has given up his weapons in favor of non-lethal weapons. I may come back and edit it as I am being really picky with this one. Iron Maiden makes for some really interesting writing, heh.)


I really like this. The internal struggle between having to cause harm and not wanting to. I’m interested to see what cool non-lethal poisons and other weapons Carson picks up.

A path to redemption

Already grabbed a darter. I guess there’s a weapon called the Spraystick that fires sticky webs to immobilize people and stuff. Amazingly, this isn’t really a direction I saw Carson going in, or at least this extreme down this path. I’m excited to see how this will all work into our role-playing.

I definitely want to try and come up with a list of poisons throughout the saga books and either try randomly utilizing different ones, or utilizing different poisons as needed. The interesting touch to this, is that some of the poisons are deadly, so it’s not even “harmless” per se. Trihexalon is a brutal poison that basically causes tissue to go necrotic instantaneously. So, the question is, will there come a time where Carson needs to utilize that? Heh. It’ll be interesting that’s for sure.

A path to redemption

Yeah, pacifism in games is always hard, but it makes things so interesting.

A path to redemption

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