Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Bariss Bane

To get to Master Denia we have to go through this entire spire, in other words past the Inquisitor Training Ground, through the Prisoner Detention/Interrogation/Torture Center, into and out of Draco’s personal quarters, and then to the top of the spire where we are hopelessly open to air support fire. Even against those odds I was surprised to notice the openness of everyone to a “covert plan”, a plan that we had all the pieces to.

Exiting the turbolift onto the Inquisitor Training Floor were two Sith Inquisitors followed by two Jedi in bindercuffs and Cad Bane bringing up the rear to make sure the Jedi didn’t do anything about their situation. They go down the hall to the open training ground in such a fashion until the Inquisitor Master on the other end of the training grounds yells, “Halt! What are you doing here!?”
The Sith Inquisitor leading the Jedi answers, “Taking these two up to be Interrogated,” a sickening smile on his lips the only part of his face showing from behind his hood.
“You don’t need both,” replies the Inquisitor Master.

“I get paid by each Jedi, and Draco has my pay,” interrupts Cad Bane from the back of the entering group.

The Inquisitor Master turns his attention to the bounty hunter, “Well then, how about something different? I’ll double your payment for every one of my students you deal with,” goading Cade Bane to action from his greed.

Cad Bane looks at the four trainees on the lower ground, “Kill or wound?”

“Hahahaha, getting soft in your old age…?” the Inquisitor Master notices too late that the bounty hunter used the dialogue to keep his LL-30’s hidden before he brought both barrels to bare, firing two shots past the Jedi prisoners and other two Sith Inquisitors, against one trainee nearly killing him.

The four move into groups of two, the most agile of the group using their lightsaber to create several arcs making a mesh of light to ward off more blaster bolts. Their strategy seems to work when Bane’s next bolt is unable to hit the same trainee as before, but the second shot kills the wounded trainee and both groups abandon the maneuver. The one trainee by himself tries to do a running jump onto the wall and into melee combat but more blaster bolts force him down to the stairs up to Cad Bane, meanwhile the other two move out of their group and each take different cover.

“So much for teamwork,” thinks Cad Bane, “now it’s a free for all with each waiting to see how successful the other will be. They’ll probably kill the one who does me in to prove their worth. Good, such will make this much easier.”

As the lone trainee makes his way on the stairs to the bounty hunter another trainee exits out of cover and makes a dash to the same point with both of the trainees just out of sight of Bane with a wall in between them.

With a movement honed by experience Cad Bane rolls a thermal detonator over to where he can see the part of the level path between one set of stairs and the other that is one meter from the two holding their ground till the opportune moment to strike. As the explosion rips into both trainees Bane tosses a concussion grenade to the same spot knowing that while it’s destructive radius is less than the thermal that the trainees are close and the concussions radius is enough to overwhelm what is left of the dark apprentices lives. Their existences snuffed out the bounty hunter looks to the pillar that the remaining dark apprentice and says to the Inquisitor Master, “How about if I kill that one in a…entertaining way I get more credits?”

“We keep to the deal, and see what you can make out of him.”

The trainee throwing caution to the wall charges the stairs towards his prey only to be met by the wrist mounted flame-thrower that is spewing its fiery wrath all over his body catching his robes and keeping him aflame. Less than a second hesitation is all he gives to his burning body as he raises two more steps and is met by a new burst of flame melting most of his face but not his furor, “This will not stop me, I EMBRACE THE PAIN!”

Cad just looks at him past his upraised arm, “Okay,” and finishes off the flaming human with a third fire attack then turns to the Inquisitor Master, “My credits are now Two Hundred Thousand times eight. I’ll be taking my One point Six Million credits.”

The Inquisitor takes out a cylinder of credits and places it on the altar behind him, “I’ll pay you ten times the original, Two Million Credits, if you can kill me. It will be an honor onto this training ground when I kill…” the Inquisitor doesn’t finish his sentence before Bane sends out an anti-vehicle rocket from his wrist launcher and blaster bolt from his other hand holding a LL-30. The Inquisitor flings his hand and corresponding rocket to a nearby wall and absorbs the blaster bolt in his other outstretched hand, “the Infamous Cad Bane!” he summersaults off of his raised position and takes cover as he cautiously moves through the lower training grounds to Cad Bane’s elevated position, passing the four witnesses sitting off the side of the previous bloodbath.

The Inquisitor exits out from behind a column and roars with the Force. Invisible waves slam against Bane’s mind:

Screams of a Duros family divided into two electrified cages. A darkened figure laughing at their torment feeding off of it and using the fear to paralyze me, there’s no hope. I can’t rescue my family from this nightmare; I’m bleeding out on my knees, I can’t breathe much less raise my blaster, and no one can make it in time to save any of us. I’ve failed them. I’ve failed my family when they need me the most. All that I’ve done, for nothing. The pain I’ve endured, for nothing. The skills that I’ve learned, for nothing. This can’t be…after everything this can’t be how it ends…I can’t allow this to happen…this won’t end here, I will not die here, I will live on long after I murder this man, this thing, and dance on his CORPSE!

“AHHHHHH!” screams Cad Bane throwing his anger and renewed blaster bolts against the Force Illusion of Fear shattering it and the Inquisitor’s strategy of an easy victory. The Inquisitor shields himself from some of the blaster onslaught with issuing the Force into the floor blowing it up in front of him, but even then one bolt gets through. Trying to close the gap the Inquisitor suffers fire from Banes nearly empty flame thrower, as the darkened and yet aflame man rounded the stairs to cut his challenge in two Bane activates his jet-boots and flies onto the lower training ground in front of a waist high energy barricade. It is then that the Inquisitor realizes that he will not be victorious fighting in the conventional sith manner that he has to fight as the bounty hunter would to close the gap, he enters into one of the cannon turret command centers that surround the training zone and aims the crosshairs to center on Bane. The cannon fires, a green bolt the dimensions of a wookies’s arm exits from the cannon and flies to Cad’s head and Bane, using a technique of watching the barrel just before it’s pulled by the act of firing and so knowing where the bolt’s trajectory will lead, leans back and turns his head clearing the path of the cannon bolt milliseconds ahead of the deadly beam of plasma.

Then Bane flies back to where he was on the same level with the Inquisitor knowing he can’t hide from the cannon except to where it can’t fire and readies his last breath of fire for when the Inquisitor rushes him. The Inquisitor surges past Banes flame thrower and makes three slices that would have cut Bane’s legs, right arm, and head off. Bane uses his right leg to kick the Inquisitor’s left hand away from Cad’s legs, Bane then blasts with his left hand the Inquisitor’s right lightsaber hand forcing the Inquisitor to alter his attack slightly to avoid the blaster but then also to avoid Cad’s right arm, lastly Bane crouches to avoid the beheading attack meant for his neck. All this happening as the Inquisitor is still on fire from when he was first hit by Cad’s flamethrower and through shear hatred has the Inquisitor not put out the flames thus outwardly showing the inside flame that has been burning his soul for years.

Seeing his attacks fail the Inquisitor forms the Force into lightning that he unleashes onto the bounty hunter. As the electricity envelops him Bane hears the screams of those Duros being tortured in their electric cages and when compared to that hell what is his own suffering now? Simply it is nothing. The Inquisitor’s Dark Side fueled Force Lightning dwindles as his hatred is outdone by his opponent, and he is hit by blaster fire. The fight continues but the Inquisitor is slowing, his attacks even when they do hit only graze Bane and Cad continues to chip away the dark figure until the man is only a burning husk on the ground unconscious its life slipping away.

“Let him burn.”
“I don’t torture people.”
“Things aren’t people.”
“There’s still something left of him.”
“Not at that at this point.”
“I doubt that too,” Bariss Gigrig levels both barrels of his LL-30’s to the Inquisitor’s skull, “but I’m not him. I’m me,” he shoots both barrels into the Inquisitor killing him before the fire. The fire shortly burns out and Bariss takes from the Inquisitor his two lightsabers as trophies, walks over to the credit stick and verifies the 2 Million Credits he just earned. Just before Bariss reunites with his group of disguised friends he makes a recording of the battle from the local security system for the floor and decides to study it for later, “I’m going to need to know how to kill these Inquisitors more efficiently to earn far more credits.”


I’m scared

Bariss Bane

I’m going to enjoy playing the new Bariss, he’s actually become more in depth than less so.

Bariss Bane

Kelyn would be proud. :) Tor better have felt a disturbance in the force as if one Grand Inquisitor cried out in pain and was suddenly silenced. I fully expect you to be virulently vituperated for each coup you grace.

Bariss Bane

I think the quote from Tony was, "As Tor I’m horrified. As Tony, I’m like “YEAAAAH!”

Bariss Bane

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