Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Bariss Thoughts Loose Ends

Once it was decided to leave Aurra Sing tied up and sedated for eight hours next to the coffee table named Patches the group was on their way to the casino for the last day of gambling.

“We’re not even freezing her,” Bariss thought. “What if something happens at the casino today and we don’t get back in eight hours, or have to leave Bispin without heading back to the hotel? As soon as Sing awakes alone in the hotel she is most likely going to break free, and then we’ll have a Jedi hunting bounty hunter out there looking for us. It’s not like she’s some easy to kill mercenary like the Kel Dor we let go. I shot at her four times with well-aimed blaster bolts while she was occupied and I didn’t get close to scoring a hit.”

While within his own thoughts Bariss barely noticed Tor fall unconscious before the group got to the casino. Soon enough Carson had Tor awake and aware of what was happening and relayed the events occuring on his own home world of Camaas. The planet wide bombing caught Bariss’ interest.

“If the Empire uses planet wide bombings to deal with even the slightest potential threat to its rule then any planet is in danger of the same type of attack. Most of my family are not spacers and would be caught on planet. Rescuing them from prison or from one Star Destroyer bombing one city is possible. However, rescuing my family from a planet wide attack has little chance of success. Even if they have their own ship ready in case of such an event, the blockade made by all the bombing Star Destroyers will prevent practically any ship entry onto the planet or exit off of the planet.”

As the group entered the casino and readied for the last day Bariss noticed Silas Draver, the gambler who was supposed to stay away from the tournament. “I’m kind of not surprised anymore,” thought Bariss as he and the group tried to corner Silas. Eventually however Silas walked to the sabacc table and gambled away all his money which led to him pulling a blaster on the winner, Kithriss. Of course Silas also programmed the dealer droids to use their back-up blasters on whoever attacked Silas, and he also hired several goons. “That Kel Dor looks exactly like the one we let go,” thought Bariss just before he heard Tor yell, “I let you go, and this is how you repay me?” “Yep, that’s him.”

Time passed, Tor murdered the Wing Guard Sergeant, the group decimated two squads of stormtroopers and Nemo was about to kill the last two Wing Guards of the squad that attacked with the stormtroopers. “Those two are Dex and Todd,” Bariss shouted over to Nemo, “They know what’s going on.” Upon hearing Bariss’ information Bariss saw Nemo actually let the two Wing Guards run away.

“What just happened?” Bariss pondered confusedly. “Why did I tell Nemo to stop tying up loose ends? Those two just survived a massacre of most likely their friends, they’re not going to just run away for good. Why did Nemo actually stop his rampage? … Is this the beginning of a peaceful solution? Or is this just random insanity?”

Not knowing what to expect Bariss commed the group that he was going back to the hotel to get some supplies he left there.

As Bariss rounded the corner to get to his airtaxi he saw Dex and Todd shooting at Nemo’s airtaxi as Kelyn entered the taxi from the back and pilot it into the two remaining Wing Guards. Another second of surveying the area Bariss saw Tor attacking an Imperial officer, with a well-aimed blaster bolt Bariss blew most of the officers head off thinking to himself, “they’re all just loose ends.”

Bariss entered the other airtaxi with two thoughts in mind, “I’m going to need those thermal detonators, and no one needs Aurra Sing on the loose.”



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