Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Bariss' Thoughts: Kithriss

“There’s something to be said when a motley group of guys stalk a beautiful human woman,” was all that Bariss could think as he and everyone except Khalic were following a Miss. Adriana Kithriss who had picked up Kelyn at the Skyline Deli/Bar.

“It doesn’t matter that we’re…I’m following her because Carson knows that the Kithriss family is high on Palpatine’s list, and her that her father, the baron, is in incharge of some “top secret” mission. When our random crowd of people, who are packing heavy blasters with no permits and includes a killing machine, get to where we’re going we are going to stand out while we’re suppose to stay out of the spotlight. … So much for a low body count," Bariss’ thoughts concluded as the group followed Kelyn and Adriana into and up, in a prominent hotel.

No more than a few seconds passed from entering the lift up when the group heard the beginning of trouble when Kelyn said, “I’d like to meet your father before we get any more intimate.” Soon enough vibroblades were drawn, a door was hacked in two, blasters were drawn, people died, a naked Twi’lek was stunned to unconscious on the floor, and the naked Baron Kithriss was mesh taped to the wall with Adriana and Kelyn having a good ol’ time in the other room. Within a minute the Baron revealed the information that was needed with Tor preparing to mind wipe him of the previous memories.

All went according to plan…according what was expected, except for when Tor’s mind wipe killed the Baron, Adriana walking in and finding her father dead, and Tor too weary to mind wipe Adriana and the Twi’lek hooker.
“Eh lets be honest, such things will probably work in our favor,” Bariss thought as his mind turned to how he was going to find a place to hide all the corpses.



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