Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Bundar root tastes like Trihexalon

Darga had been reaching out quite far to take care of the problem that the group had brought to him. As the group bound Aurra Siing, Carson couldn’t help but think of how close this battle had been. As he took a second look at the Bundar root, his fears were warranted. “It’s Trihexalon. A pretty nasty poison. You’ll end up losing a limb to this stuff within minutes.” He made sure to pass this info on to the rest of the group. As they continued to pique Aurra’s brain for intelligence, he realized just how deep the group had gotten themselves in. Tor readied one a trophy lightsaber, bringing it to Aurra’s throat. Kelyn instantly jumped in to stop Tor from making a tragic mistake. It was astounding, though understandable, that the Jedi wanted to end Aurra’s reign of terror. Even Jedi get pushed to their limits, Carson mused. One thing was for sure, they had to see this through and take down Darga’s deal with the Empire.



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