Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY


N3M0's contemplations

Fulluah is gone. Mezerel is destroyed. Happines is no more. These can be replaced. Even I could be replaced, should the need arise as it likely may. Organics were not replaced so easily. I detested that at one point as I entered the fold of the Resurgence’s rebellion. I was rebuilt to ensure my creator did not need replacing, out of fear of his own mortality. I have seen what I assumed among the most fearless organics turn tail and run from the enemy, even though the fight would be won in time. The flagship was no more, and still the hulking lifeform steered his ship away, a direct confliction with all the data I had stored on Rama. I have been shamed in my companions before, resenting their crippling weakness, their short and fragile lifespans and their natural aversion to conflict even when there was clearly no option in the matter. I watched him fly away, recording the moment in my memory as he does. The organics all may forget his act of cowardice, but I will not. Every moment is recorded and analyzed for guidance on future decisions. Still, one of the organics does not share this weakness, this irrational fear of the inevitable. I have not ignored him. I do not ignore anything without reason. That particular organic is floating in the vaccuum of space currently. I will retrieve him as soon as a suitable vessel is comandeered. The Duros was different. The floating heap of debris and corpses in the middle of the battlezone was once a Mandalorian capital warship, crewing over 300 formerly murderous pirates. All undone by his hand. In such a bold maneuver, any other organic would have surely perished or not gone through with it at all. His fighter did not survive, but the pilot did. His art of destruction is an asset that we cannot afford to lose so long as the Galactic Empire remains a threat. Barriss Gigrig, you cannot be replaced.

N3M0 felt his magnetic leg attachments clamp down onto the hull of the slender copper-colored fighter. A heavy whirring vibro-chainsaw slammed into the cockpit, shattering the glass and digging into the torso of of the horrified pilot as he choked out a pitiful scream. The steadfast droid tossed the useless chunk of flesh out into the void and took the controls. It was not the time or the place for Barriss to die.


It’s good to hear what goes on in N3MO’s heuristic processors, and I’d like to hear more of what N3MO thinks (not just the three mentioned here).
That said Bariss will not be such an asset on the ground as Rama is, especially since the AT-RT in the Defiant’s cargo hold would be too obvious and out of place on Hosk.

Also I think you meant “Irreplaceable” (I misspell all the time, I normally write up my posts on a word document and then copy and past).



“That bumblebee laid down arms at the first sign of inevitable crushing defeat, can you imagine such a cowardly creature?”

I Love Firefly.
Sorry Stephen, it was too good to pass up.


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