Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Prison Break

The attack on the Imperial Outpost had gone as well as any attack on a large, omnipotent military force could go as they made their way out to the roof to get off before the charges they had planted detonated. A small army followed the party up to the landing pad where a gang of storm troopers waited. “Wonderful” Carson had thought as they approached. He made a quick glance over to N3M0, the ever deadly pack mule, who was now carrying the unconscious Admiral Vishara on his back. Carson ordered the droid to turn around. “Don’t fire or you’ll risk killing your precious admiral.” The officer yelled to his men “Stand down” and they began to circle the group while the officer readied an ion grenade. “I don’t think you want to use that unless you want a flattened admiral.” Carson added as the group prepared to fight. N3M0’s chainsaw started up as a storm trooper moved a little too close. The rest of the group readied their weapons and prepared to fight their way out. “Threat detected.” N3M0 added as the construction saw ground it’s way through another storm troopers armor, plunging the group into yet another bloody confrontation.



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