Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor

Tor’kal, or Tor as his new allies called him, sighed as he climbed down off of the repulsor cart. He and his allies had done well securing the precious cargo that Maya wanted, as well as the Corellian Ale requested by Switch. Tor looked at the figure encased in the cold carbonite. He reached out with the Force and sensed the pulse of life trapped inside the slab.

Good, he thought before sighing again. Even though Tor could feel the presence of the Force in the lifeforms throughout the station, every time he opened himself up to the Force, he felt a massive emptiness like one of the black holes in the Kessel Run. The loss of the Jedi Order had torn a hole through the Force and Tor was the only Jedi around to feel its destructive power.

The Force is no longer the powerful tool and ally it once was, he mused. It has become a welcome droid for the Dark Side. The balance leans towards evil. Tor looked at his comrades patching themselves up.

But I cannot allow myself to be swayed. I must pass on knowledge of the Force, now more than ever, the Jedi cannot be lost. I must complete the Holocron! Tor felt the light side of the Force flow through him briefly. He smiled, knowing the light side had not been completely forsaken. A small ripple touched his mind but the Caamasi shrugged it off, focusing on the light side. A ripple that whispered of impending trouble on Caamas…



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