Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 11

Tor felt empty as he stood in the bedroom of Kithriss’ apartment. He was stunned by the shock of the mind trick that had killed Kithriss. Tor barely registered the commotion outside as assassins burst into the apartment and began attacking his allies.

Tor moved to the door and looked over the situation. He called out to the intruders to stop, persuading them as much as he could but not letting any ounce of the Force color his words lest it betray him again. He saw his plain speech wash over the attackers with little effect and his heart sunk as he knew that without the Force guiding him, he had few abilities to help his friends. Several times he called out to stop the attackers, only really gaining any ground when he managed to show them Kithriss’ body.

. . .

A couple of days later, after several incidents at the sabacc tournament, Tor returned to the apartment his allies had taken over from Kithriss. His comrades were out exploring leads but Tor felt the need to finally try and explore why the Force had betrayed him.

He sat and closed his eyes, focusing his mind. Slowly and tentatively, he opened himself to the Force for the first time in days. To his surprise, he felt wisps of the light side amidst the dark clouds that shrouded his own mind.

Tor sought out the light, letting it lead him down the path to knowledge. As he followed the light it grew stronger and more vibrant. The path ended at a wall of dark mist. Tor focused, reciting the Jedi Code. As he did, the dark mist began to pulse and shift ad after a moment it resolved itself into an image of the dead Kithriss. Tor hesitated but pushed on. The image remained but was joined by another. The dark visage of Emperor Palpatine appeared in a flash and with a cackle of evil laughter it fell over the image of Kithriss.

Tor’s eyes snapped open as he realized what had happened. Blast, he thought. The Emperor used the dark side to make Kithriss vulnerable to any use of the Force. Tor breathed heavily. He obviously intended to make any contact with a Force user end like my experience, with doubt and fear.

Tor stood and focused his mind, feeling the light side flow through him again, realizing that it had never abandoned him. I must be vigilant, he thought. I will not fall for these same vile tricks again. And I must be on the lookout for new ones. Tor moved to the balcony as a speeder pulled up to it, piloted by his allies. The Emperor is surely more powerful and sinister than I expected. But I know now that the light side will never abandon me as long as I allow myself to be open to it.



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