Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 15

Tor watched as his friends all jumped into the cockpits of the Z-95 Headhunters in Darga’s hangar, blasting off into the upper atmosphere.

The gungan children crowded around Tor as he pulled out his comlink, looking around for any lingering stormtroopers or criminal thugs.

He keyed in the frequency for the Banshee and Sirona picked up immediately. “What’s up,” she asked in her brisk, cocky tone.

“I need a pickup,” Tor said, giving her the coordinates of the hangar. He looked at the gungans. “I’ve got passengers that I can’t leave.” He eyed the quickly fading dots of the Headhunters. “Try to make it quick, we’re about to make a pretty hot exit from this place.”

“Keep your shirt on, jeez.” The comlink clicked off.

Tor looked at the two children. He felt something from them, but he wasn’t sure what it was. Shortly after, the Banshee touched down and the three hurried aboard. The ship took off again and raced to catch up with the others.

Minutes later, Tor sat at one of the Banshee’s quad guns, blasting away at several of Bespin’s cloud cars in the upper atmosphere. The children were also in the other gun turrets, firing away. Again Tor felt the odd feeling coming from one of the children.

A moment later, the feeling surged in strength. Tor saw a barrage of lasers fly from one of the children’s turrets and slice clean through a cloud car, turning it into an expanding plume of gas and fire.

The realization hit Tor like a repulsor train. He’s Force sensitive! Tor thought as the feeling faded away. He smiled, realizing that he had found a survivor of the Force. I must instruct him on the ways of the Force Tor thought, his mind racing through his own training and what he would need to impart upon the young gungan.

A laser flashed by and scored a glancing hit on the Banshee. From the cockpit Tor heard Sirona’s distant voice as she yelled: “Oh come on, not the paint! What’re you doing back there, fire on these piles of junk, they’re trying to blow holes in my ship!”

Tor returned his focus to the task at hand. I’ll be sure to think about this later. But I have other things to worry about right now.

A short while later, the group emerged into space, a giant gas hauler in front of them, and the ship Darga said contained the slaves in the distance. Tor looked at the slave ship through the sensors and saw a strange marking on the front of it.

He looked up as he immediately noticed Kelyn’s engines flare up as the pilot shot off towards the slave ship at breakneck speed.

Odd, Tor thought as he watched the Headhunter speed away. I wouldn’t have suspected that Kelyn would care at all about the fate of slaves. Not after some of the things I’ve seen from him. I’ll have to ask him about it later. Lasers again flashed by the Banshee as odd fighters with spherical cockpits and large hexagonal wings shot by.

At that moment an Imperial Star Destroyer popped out of hyperspace. Tor could immediately sense the same presence of the Inquisitor he had felt way back on Felucia and knew that the Inquisitor could sense his presence as well.

Tor shuddered slightly and gripped the turret controls more tightly.

If there is a later…



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