Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 27

Tor looked up at the massive electrified fence that barred the way to the Antus base. In the distance, he could sense his padawan on the other side of the fortress, making his own attack.

Good, Tor thought. He’s acting on his own, taking his own initiative. I’m proud of him. Now if only we could find our own way through.

The group soon discovered, with some help from Sartok, that a generator on a lower level powered this section of fence. Fenn offered to go shut it down, and the group waited as he took off in the direction of the generator.

A few moments later, the comm crackled to life with Fenn’s voice. “Kelyn? Um, I think there’s something here you might want to see.”

Kelyn perked up, clearly confused, and asked the bothan to explain. Fenn described a large freighter that had the symbol of Kelyn’s father on it. The bothan went on to explain that slavers were leading a long line of slaves into the ship. Kelyn shot to his feet. “My father’s ship!” he exclaimed quietly. He turned and began to leave.

Tor put a hand on Kelyn’s shoulder, stopping him. “What’s wrong?”

“My father’s ship is down there,” the scoundrel replied. “I have to go check it out.”

Tor paused for a moment, looking up at the fortress and thinking of the Force user that the Imperials had there. He turned his head back to Kelyn and nodded. “Absolutely. I made a promise to you Kelyn. If you ever found out anything about your father’s ship, I would be there to help you out.”

“Well you can help me out best by staying here and completing the mission.”

Surprised at the scoundrel’s reaction, Tor’s fur rippled. He looked hard at Kelyn. “Are you sure?”

Kelyn nodded, not meeting Tor’s eyes completely.

“Ok, but I’ll be there if you need anything.”

The scoundrel murmured a thanks and then quickly sped off, clearly eager to find out what was going on, Sartok and Bart going along.

Tor waited with Bariss and Rama, waiting for the fence to be deactivated. Several minutes later, Tor heard an explosion from not too far away and felt a rumble in his feet. “The generator’s down,” Rama reported.

Tor looked quickly down towards where Kelyn had run off to. I’ll help you as best I can Kelyn, he thought.

Tor ignited his lightsaber and ran through the fence letting the brilliant blue blade lead the way towards the fortress, Bariss and Rama quickly following across the large yard leading up fortress which now had black smoke rising from it.

The three ran into a tram car and hit the activation switch to carry them up the last portion of the mountain to the base.

Tor looked out through the front window, wondering what was happening with the others when he spotted a missile launcher and two jumptroopers ahead of them. A missile flew towards the tram car but Tor extended a hand and deflected it to the ground below as Bariss shot at one of the jumptroopers from the window and Rama smashed through another to jetpack out and fight in the air. Tor used the Force to blast one of the jumptroopers as another missile flew and impacted the tram car, releasing three buzz droids that immediately began cutting through the front of the tram.

Tor reached out to the Force and stretched out his hands. The front wall of the tram car buckled and rippled in a blast from the Force, chunks flying off and hitting the droids who were shaken roughly. Bariss and Rama quickly finished off the jumptroopers. Tor focused, pulling the energy he needed to him once more. The front wall blew clear off the tram, blasting through the buzz droids and sending what little was left of them to the ground below with the scraps of durasteel from the wall.

Rama jetpacked back to tram and through the now wide open hole as the tram continued its slow trek up the mountain.

Just then, Tor’s eyes widened as he felt a spike of the Dark Side nearby through the Force. He closed his eyes and put a hand to his head and saw an image of Kelyn standing over an unconscious body, a blaster in his hand. He saw Kelyn’s mouth moving but heard no sound. The blaster flared and the last thing Tor saw was a dark look in Kelyn’s eyes.

Tor opened his eyes and sighed deeply, disappointed and upset that he couldn’t have been there to help guide Kelyn through the problem.

The wind whistled loudly past the new opening where the front of the tram used to be. Tor looked up towards the fortress ahead, the journey ahead seeming much longer than before.



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