Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 3

Tor peered through the grate on the cramped ventilation shaft, Cs’er and Khalic squeezed in behind him. Beyond the grate, Tor could see the small control room with several technicians and a man who could only be Lieutenant Arden busying themselves amongst the control panels, one of which was beginning to light up with an incoming message. Tor’s eyes narrowed as he listened intently to the message.

As he listened, Tor felt a faint shiver of unease ripple his fur. An Imperial Inquisitor? Here? Tor shifted uncomfortably in the simple mechanics jumpsuit he wore, a great departure from the simple jedi tunic and robes in which he had spent the majority of his life. As Tor focused on the Force, he realized that he could sense the Inquisitor’s dark presence approaching like a shadow pressing in on him.

I can not allow myself to be captured. Not while there is still work to be accomplished. Not when I am the last of the jedi. As Tor tried to find his way past the shadow to the light side of the Force, he heard alarms begin to sound in the room below. Blast! I must act quick before they alert the Inquisitor! Tor thought somewhat frantically. Tor felt the Force flow through him and channeled the energy through his body and into the room beyond, blasting the occupants inside and blowing the grate off of the vent.

Dropping swiftly into the room, Tor tried to detect any sign that the Inquisitor had been notified. Not finding anything, but still not content, Tor turned back to face his comrades. Tor felt a urge from the Force. We must move quickly, he thought forcefully. I sense that we have precious little time to complete our mission. And I worry for what may be awaiting us at the end…



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