Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Reflections from Tor part 31

From our previous session. Would have posted sooner but got sick last week!

Tor stepped into the conference room with Carson, Kochak turning to greet them. The others remained outside, having already blown any chance at diplomacy with the twi’lek, although Tor wasn’t completely confident that they could be left alone without finding some sort of trouble.

The three sat down at the large table and began negotiating for information about the Inquisitor, each side bartering for leverage. Tor savored the change from the blaster fight that the group usually found themselves in, relishing in the simple and calm negotiation as each side talked, Carson producing several thousand credits to swing things their way.

Kochak moved them into his office to finalize the business. Tor sat with Carson on one side of the desk as Kochak typed away at a datapad. His eyes flashed surprise and suddenly, the ceiling dropped away, springing a net over Carson and Tor.

Tor untangled himself and knocked out the twi’lek as he shouted at Carson, who mysteriously began nodding in agreement with the spaceport master. Once he was unconscious, the spell seemed broken and Carson shook his head to clear his mind.

Tor opened the door back into the conference room and was met by a raging battle as blasters and large droids flew about the room, his allies in between and pouring out of the refresher.

Why am I not surprised? He thought as he began to help clear the room.

The droids were soon taken care of and the group escaped from the building after a small delay as they had to force their way through poison gas.

Once in space they set their course for a resort planet, where the Inquisitor had taken off to.

The ships exited hyperspace and were immediately met by a large warship ahead of them. A message crackled to life on the comm and a pirate demanded their surrender. The road to the Inquisitor had found another snag.


And behind door number one.

Reflections from Tor part 31

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