Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Truth in the Mists

Carson's Log 2/15/13

Carson tentatively stepped out onto the bridge after watching his comrades charge forward into the mists. This didn’t feel right. Carson wasn’t sure how, or why. Come to think of it, ever since they began the descent it hadn’t felt right.
He stepped out onto the bridge and suddenly he was standing before a crowd of thousands. The doctor was speechless. The massive crowd cheered in honor of a nameless deed he couldn’t have fathomed.

He heard a thud and looked down at his feet.

“Identify…” A voice spoke.

He recognized that voice. A chill shot through him. Darkness followed it.

He turned to face the speaker.

Emperor Palpatines haggard face stared back at him.
“What?” Carson asked, unsure of what was even happening. This made no sense, and yet it was so very real.

He picked up what was at his feet… a severed head. Carson almost threw it off the balcony in horror when he realized both who it was and watched as the head spoke. “Please… kill me.” it pleaded.

It was Maya.

Carson stood, mouth agape.

“I don’t… I don’t understand.”
IDENTIFY CAUSE OF DEATH.” the sith lord spoke.
“Decapitation?” Carson muttered.

The Sith Jedi cackled. “I choked her… with the force… FOR BEING A TRAITOR TO THE EMPIRE!” he boomed. The crowd ate it up, roaring in celebration. Celebration of the deaths of his friends. Celebration in his being exiled, hunted and facing certain death at every turn. Celebrating the slaughter of nameless aliens being put to death, or worse, for the Empire’s twisted needs.
Rage welled up within him, but he forced himself to keep a calm demeanor.
“A Jedi must control his emotions to feel the Force in all things.” he heard Tor say.
He looked down at the still quivering head with fear, as Rosie’s face now stared back at him, mouthing the same, pleading words. "Please…kill me. "

He pushed back tears. He wanted to vomit. Emotion had to wait. He pushed it all down, numbing himself. He turned back to the Emperor.
“The only traitor I see here….” he spoke with a newfound confidence “Is you.”

It seemed as if his entire life had led up until this moment.

“Lord Vader…” he commanded. “Deal with this traitorous pig.”
Suddenly, Vader slashed out at the head with his lightsaber, as it now resembled Padme.
The two Sith Lords shot massive waves of lightning at each other, the waves colliding in a cacaophonus blast of light and sound. So immense was the transfer of energy that the building began to collapse.

Carson felt the balcony giving way and quickly scanned for an exit. A roaming camera droid was his only option. He ran towards it and jumped, reaching out with everything he had.

Hands touched durasteel… then slipped. He was in freefall.

He watched the ground rushing up to break him.

He couldn’t help but smile, knowing he would leave the empire in ruins as he felt the iron fence spear through his chest.

Then it all went black.



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