Dawn of Defiance: Buffalo NY

Welcome to Sel Zonn Station

The ragged group deboards the Freebird on Sel Zonn Station, only to learn their ship is being impounded and the captain arrested for smuggling. Another captain and ship should be sent to continue their journey in two days time. A young woman named Maya stops the travelers in the concourse and offers to put them up for a few days if they help her clean some droids.
Sel zonn!http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/21371/sel_zonn.jpg(Sel zonn)!
While trying to make used droids look like new, the group gets to know one another. Khalikand his father worked for Incom, but the Empire took away their jobs. A mechanical tinkerer, Khalik does jobs for Bail Organa, whom he met while at Incom.
N3MO is Khalik’s bodyguard droid. Originally a construction bot, N3MO was given an upgrade to be a fighter and defender. His chain saw appendage convinces most he means business.
Toris a Caamasi Jedi who escaped the Order 66 purge by chance, performing a mission in the Outer Rim. Months after the atrocity, Tor returns to help protect Jedi and hold the Emperor accountable for his actions.
Carson [insert info later—sorry, Josh]
Maya warns the group to watch out for humans with black armbands. They are snitches looking to make money by turning in suspicious characters.
Two days later, the adventurers learn that Freebird Transport has gone bankrupt. They are effectively stranded on Se Zonn Station. Maya rushes in to warn them her boss found the bedrolls in the warehouse they’ve been sleeping. She directs them through the airducts to an apartment previously owned by a Bothan janitor who got pegged by the snitches. Maya asks them to meet her at Gundark’s tonight.
Waiting at Gundarks, Khalik is approached by a Duros who taunts him in Duros. As if there was any doubt of his attitude, the Duros’s human buddy shows up and explains, “He says he does not like you. I don’t like you either.”
Tor stepped in, trying to calm down the irate drunkards. Instead, they turned their wrath on him, claiming to hate aliens. This seemed odd, given that the Duros is definitely not human.
Suddenly, Maya runs toward the cantina, yelling for help, stormtroopers on her heels. A black arm band-wearing human steps forward and blasts her in the chest. She falls down as the sharks begin to circle.
Maya shot!http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/21372/maya_shot.jpg(Maya shot)!
N3MO charges the snitch from the side and effortlessly severs him into five pieces. Splattered with gore, the stormtroopers turn their blasters on the droid. Carson pulls out his blaster and kills a stormtrooper. The Duros runs for the far corner and bumps into the jukebox, setting off something that sounds like the “Chicken Dance.” The human drunkard runs for the door and trips over Maya, before making his escape. The Duros tries to run past the droid and surviving snitch, only to be gunned down himself by the black arm band wearing human. The droid uses the moment to finish off the snitch.
Carson carefully patches up Maya’s wound, so she can join them on a dash away from reinforcements to the apartment. The group tinkers with some valves in a maintenance corridor, creating what looks like a fire. The engineers and droids swoop to the scene, blocking the stormtroopers and filling the air with a thick sheen of extinguishing foam. Maya reveals she works for Bail Organa and was sent here to pick up cargo being cared for by a droid crime lord called Switch. She is in no shape to pick up the goods and sends her rescuers in her stead. Maya knows Switch is holed up in V14, which the heroes learn has been declared quarantined. Tor climbs through the subflooring to an air vent leading to the officers’ lounge. There, he learns the officers have been taking money to keep people from interfering with V14. The others learn the commanding officers always seem to publically reinforce the need to stay away from V14 when rumors of incoming smuggling activities are at their highest.
The group descends into the lowest levels, push past the “Intruders will be shot on sight” streamers and head off into the creepy darkness. Water drips onto exposed wiring, causing a fire. N3MO and Khalik quickly cut power to the sector. Luckily, N3MO has a glowrod mounted to his shoulder. Tor reaches out through the Force to find desperate hungry vermin in the area. Khalik sees a womprat rush past his leg. Finally, they reach a closed blast door at the end of the corridor. Khalik and N3MO set about restoring power to the door, so it opens. As Khalik works, a womprat reaches down from an overhead compartment and bites the Zabrak’s shoulder.
The door open, the heroes see two Gammorean guards standing next to a hatch. Carson finds a battered disused travel cart and drives up to the guards. He climbs out and introduces himself as a mechanical crew member sent by one of the top officers he learned about from Tor’s eavesdropping on the officer’s lounge. The guards let them pass.

Switch rosie
Inside V14, they find a protocol droid standing behind a fancy wooden desk. It introduces itself as Switch and has an R5 droid deliver drinks. There is also a large black spukama resting on the desk. Switch introduces the feline as Darth Rosie. After some nice diplomacy, playing to Switch’s arrogance and complementing him on his parts, Tor tells the droid Maya sent them to retrieve cargo. Switch announces he will release the cargo for a thousand credits. Khalik gulps. He has the money but doesn’t want to have to spend it. As negotiations progress, he whispers to the others, “Let’s pay the droid and get out of here.”
That’s when the severed heads of the Gammorean guards are tossed onto Switch’s desk. Ganga Lor, a rival crime lord, enters with seven goons, intent on breaking the droid. Blasters erupt. Tor uses the Force to slam three goons into the wall, breaking their necks. Carson searches his feelings, finds clarity and the perfect shot… then puts a blaster bolt between the Chevin crime lord’s eyes. He drops. Khalik takes cover next to some crates. Darth Rosie leaps from the boxes and extends a claw at the Zabrak’s face. Khalik avoids a nasty scratch but trembles at the surprise attack.
It doesn’t take long to finish off the thugs. The last one is even taken alive, thanks to powerful words from Tor and Carson. Switch is very anxious to interrogate the survivor. Given recent events, Switch offers to simply hand over the cargo if the group takes a case of Corellian ale with them to Alderaan. The ale is stashed with the cargo on Blue Deck, the Imperial hub of Sel Zonn.
The group borrows an empty crate from Switch and stashes the Camaasi and Zabrak inside. The droid places the crate on the cart, and they head for the swankiest part of the station. The rest of Sel Zonn is a wasteland, parts uninhabitable. All resources have gone to turning Blue Deck into an Imperial Fantasy Land, complete with fountains and mall. Gundark’s is at the border of this area. Carson runs in and yells,” Those stormtroopers have dragged us away for no reason for the last time. Let’s get them!” A drunken mob breaks out, screaming to rip off those helmets. Carson sneaks away before the patrolling troopers are all called to quell the riot. Through the box, Tor sees one of the snitches who tried to capture Maya. He reaches out through the Force to stop him from rushing to the authorities. Instead, the snitch stops just inside an alleyway, victim of a large brain fart. Carson hurries up to him, hoping to get information. But, he gets recognized. Before the snitch can scream for help, N3MO plows the cart into the snitch, killing him. Tor and Carson see a lingerie shop back entrance nearby. Tor aids N3MO with the load carrying the body with a little Move Object, keeping the mannequins N3MO knocks over from hitting the ground. The droid hides the body inside a bin of clearance panties and returns to the group, with a brassiere on his head.
The heroes reach the turbolift that takes them to the bay. Tor senses his feelings and realizes the cargo has been found and is being delivered on a repuslor sled to the commander. From their vantage point, the adventurers only see stormtroopers and flammable barrels. The commander must be on the other side of the lift tubes. N3MO sneaks down the corridor, carrying the crate full of aliens, away from the stormtroopers and bay. “This bay is closed to civilians,” the stormtrooper shouts. Carson steps out of the lift and tells the trooper a Brentaal security officer sent them here. Since there are crossed wires between Imperial command and Brentaal security, the trooper buys the story and sends them on their way.
The stormtrooper in the command room does not fall for anything and alerts the officer. N3MO drops the box, which pops open, and charges the officer, slashing him in his chair. The Imperial officer hat flies through the air and lands awkwardly on the droid’s head. The troopers rush from the bay. Tor pops up and uses the Force to send them flying away. The cart races toward the command center. Tor leaps onto it and tries to talk down the pilot. Instead, the pilot shoots a net over the rest of the party. N3MO easily slashes up the net but gets run down by the cart before he can do more than take a pot shot at the vehicle. The sled turns onto a bridge reaching across a chasm. The pilot tries to shake the sled so the Jedi falls out of it. The Camaasi hangs on for dear life. Carson finishes off the pilot with a blaster shot.
Maya’s voice sounds on the com. “How’s the mission going?”
“Cargo acquired.”
“Good. I’m sending a ship to pick you up.”
“Fine,” Tor says, “But first we have to find some ale.”



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