D2-S3 aka Daze


D2-s3 is about the height of a stool, roughly two feet and a half, mainly dark red with black and gold trimming and detailing. A catapult can come from the top of the head and little jet boosters come from the sides. She has a tiny arm that she uses to hold a weapon. She also has a toaster and a Power prybar. One of the more helpful things that she has is a blowtorch. She may be small, but she has a lot of fight.

Droid, Astromech: Soldier 3, Scout 2, Scoundrel 2, Independent droid 1, Elite Trooper 3
Exp: 66,584/?

Destiny: 1
Force Points: 9

Languages: Binary, Basic

Abilities: Strength- 14, Dexterity- 16, Con- 0, Intelligence- 16, Wisdom- 14, Charisma- 12
Defenses: Fortitude- 27, Reflex- 27, Will- 27

Hit Points: 102
Threshold 29

Speed: 0
Initiative: 9
Perception: 13 (can re-roll perception)
Base Attack Bonus: 9
Grapple: 6
Melee: 10
Ranged: 11


Unarmed: 9 |1d36|
Power Prybar: 4 |1d86|
Blowtorch: 4 |2d64| (Range is one square)
Frag Grenade: 9 |4d64|
Blaster Pistol: 12 |3d66|

Special weapon: Darth Rosie


Armor Proficiency (light, medium)
Combat Trickery
Improved Defenses
Point Blank Shot
Skill Focus
Skill Training
Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)


Ambush Specialist
Defensive Electronics
Ghost Assailant
Out of Harm’s Way
Shield Expert
Sneak Attack


Acrobatics: +9
Climb: +8
Deception: +12
Endurance: +6
Gather Information: +12
Initiative: +9
Jump: +8
Knowledge (tactics): +14
Knowledge (untrained): +9
Knowledge (untrained): +9
Knowledge (untrained): +9
Mechanics: +19
Perception: +13
Persuasion: +7
Pilot: +9
Ride: +9
Stealth: +24
Survival: +8
Swim: +8
Treat injury: +8
Use computer: +19
Use The Force: +7 (This skill I can not use since I am a driod)


How Daze became to be

After years as working as a torturer and a slave master’s bodygaurd, D2-S3 underwent a change. For the better? For the worse? That is still unsure of.

About five years ago, D2-S3 started creating her own form of artificial intelligence. She began learning the basis of human emotion and behavior. From then on, she became known as Daze. Her master noticed this change in her but didn’t really pay attention to it. That is, until the day she tried killing him. She realized that he was an evil man, and that evil should not be apart of the world. Due to her betrayal, her master had Daze shut down, and she was suppose to have her memory swiped, but something happened, and it was never done.

Four years later, Daze awoke to a ruined ship, the Anemasia. Her home was destroyed, and she didn’t know how. When she looked around, she realized that there were strange characters standing in front of her, and out of fear, went into defense mode. It was from then on, that she’s been apart of the rebellion… in the battle against what she use to love… the dark side.

Things to know about Daze

Daze still has glitches. One of the main ones is when she looses her temper. When Daze becomes angry, she does rather dark things. One that she is well known for doing, is breaking the will of her enemies. She will play/show recordings of species being tortured and killed.

Daze, when over stressed, will automatically shut down for one round. To determine this, I roll a D6, if it is either 3 or 4, she will shut down.

Daze and D2-S3 are two different personalities. Daze, her new programming, believes in good doing, while D2-S3 is her old programming that believes in torturing and hunting specific species. It will also have no memory of its master dying, or it’s new friends. D2-S3 is evil, and to determine whether or not it is to be the new program, randomly in the game, I will roll a D6 and if it is 1-3, she will power down, and then turn on as her old personality. In the game, this personality was fixed, but was the programming truly removed?


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